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RE: Steemit Power Down Proposal

in #steemit2 months ago

..ya, not really easy question..cause every medal has two sides..but in my opinion it’s necessary and important to set the priorities on the whole steem doesn’t help nobody, if it still hurt the value of steem or it’s not safe as it has to be..i, for my own, as being one of the last because poorest steemIan, could take my necessary of power down fastly behind the whole, because if I know the periods, I will make my decisions according to the, people, think about a little you want to get ‘rich’ fastly while having more risks to loose or do you want to relax, care also about the community and it’s needs, or better, care about quality content, getting more members, making steem safe and a few other important things...development is first, steem’s attrctivity and popularity should be the first reason to act..that’s from here from me, don’t know, if you agree...but meanwhile, think big, think about the whole, relax.. and I try to do..enjoy karma!...karma exists...steem on...and btw thank you team for the always great job you’re doing!...