Is it So Wrong that am Enjoying the Low Prices

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Well is it?

Since the prices of Steem took a nosedive it has created some of the most amazing responses from the steemit community I have witnessed since I got here, and likewise one of the best phases in the steemverse for me. Though I still earn next to nothing (not complaining though), the thrill of finally having a few determined listening ears facing the same challenges in growing their accounts has been pleasant.

I have followed and have been likewise followed by a lot of users who would’ve remained invisible had prices still been crazy high. The difference between these set of guys and the ‘free for all' party of Steen dreamers during the highs are a determination to see this place work. It really is nice to grow alongside such dedicated followers (some even turning friends).

The community response to the low prices (for those who stayed) has been terrific. One of my favorite innovations if you like to call it that – is the engagement league by @abh12345. Although my engagement levels were decent before the league, it has been a deliberate effort week in week out to reach out to more people who are active in the community by me.

Also the level of inspiration on how to maximize SP during these times by @tarazkp, @whatsup, @cryptoandcoffee @mattclarke amongst others has ensured every Steem earned that isn’t given out as a donation – goes straight back to powering up.

Finally the level of support I’ve received this period from a wide range of people has been terrific. Special thanks goes to @erodedthoughts and @tezmel for their strong support. We might not make much, but it means more to be there when the chips are down.
Well that’s about this rant.

Another one comes up when I finally clock 500SP in a couple of weeks.

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I would like to know what would you Think the steem price will be by the end of the year ,
In which month will the prices hit its peek in this year.

For me around 7-9 usd
December will be the month I choose

Hi empress. Only a pleasure if my words help. I think deep down they are more motivational to keep me and others plodding along. I won't lie but I think this has been one of the hardest challenges I have ever undertaken but also the most fun. The ones that just powered up and bypassed the initial grind have no idea and because of that we are stronger for it. It has been character building of sorts to me anyway lol.

Yes, give it a bit longer for us all to top up and keep accumulating then we can enjoy the (future) price rises... We hope ;)


The goal is for steem to go to the 'moon' in a few years...and I guess only those who stay can make it happen


Those that stay and the millions that have yet to join....

If you believe (which I do) that prices will go up x fold at some point, now is a great time to be Steeming.

Less spammers, less moaning, more community, more STEEM :D


So much this. It was like i knew, but didn't want all my eggs (little bit as they were) all in one basket. The prices kept dropping and dropping until I cashed out the rest of my coins and went all in on Steem. Everyone keeps thinking SMT will be the breakthrough, and maybe they will depending on what the regulations for ICO ends up being. I think it will be in the apps personally, coupled with the transaction costs/speed. I notice as well that since they stopped creating SBD my wallet spam is almost non existent now as well. :)

Maybe as a witness you could help with this. I have been reluctant to use even the most used Steem apps like Steemconnect, Busy etc. I am wary as I do not know who these people are, or why so many trust them. It would be helpful for many of us newer to crypto that have had it hammered into us on keeping our keys offline and guarding them with James Bond security measures to have some kind of system in check that can explain why the creators of different apps should be trusted with access to our keys.


Less wallet spam is definitely a bonus! :D

Steemconnect is 100% safe. Your key is not stored by any one. You need your active key to login to the service, but then the rest is managed by tokens.

Your key (like it probably is now as you browse around steemit) may stored in the browser of your machine, but nowhere else. This is my list of registered apps:

Which if you choose to login, you can view (and revoke) from here.

I hope this allays some doubts.

Hello, Empress,

I love your attitude about Steemit.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to come around and read your column... But I want you to know that I've appreciated your frequent visits to and support of my Steemit blog. :D

For me, one of the big draws of Steemit is the hope of it becoming a permanent archive of my writing. It's hard for me to understand why more serious writers seem to be missing that amazing feature!



I agree, it is like we are down to some spammers and the hardcore Steem Community, and yes, it does have benefits.

Also, less whining as the sad, get rich crowd has wandered away.


One of such spammers just commented above you.

What I like about the hardcore community is the ability to attract others without the lure for money as we've done in the past

The prize of STEEM has really exposed the fake users on the platform for me it may be a wrong thing to say but I think I'm loving the low prices

so what are you saying empress? misery loves company?

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For me, I never experienced the highs of steem, I met it at its dropping stage but as a person, I have always been a staunch believer in building relationships, not just for the gains but just to be an answer to someone's question, somebody somewhere could be hurting and needs a helping hand.

Same way I'd also need help too, so reading other people's post and interacting with them seem to make me better too, helps me to learn about a lot things which I was ignorant about.

It can only get better.

I once ran from low prices last year while those I had joined this site around the same time with, were gladly left here making a killing. You don't want to know how that feels especially when the blame can't be shifted.

That feeling and inspiration from my old friend and souls like @saywha is what made me stay and want to do better... Then came along more support @mammasitta, @whatsup, @irreverentdan, @tarazkp, you etc :)

I have learnt that the more you are here, the more things get better regardless of price and everything. The more you interact and support others, the more you get support too ♡


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I have learnt that the more you are here, the more things get better regardless of price and everything. The more you interact and support others, the more you get support too ♡

Very good point



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