Can’t Eat the Cake Twice: Don’t be a Steemit Tourist

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In a general sense I am talking about the crypto space as a whole. Tourists are those lovely set of people who make the loudest noise during the highs and disappear back to base when prices fall.

Prices are tumbling and everyone is rightly concerned about the future of the crypto market. While the participants see the value being created in the crypto space, tourists only follow price trends. I read some tweets today while researching opinions on the price crash talking about how they warned so and so to ‘get out' before things crash.

Obviously these are people talking from a position of ignorance and probably do not know why Bitcoin and the crypto space even rose to prominence in the first place – in other words they do not understand the intricate revolutionary value being created by the cryptoverse.

Even the media are all over the doom and gloom warriors highlighting the price fall. I read a story of a man that ‘lost his life savings to bitcoin' as covered by the mainstream. Such negative sentiments will only scare the tourists further as well as potential participants.

What is particularly annoying is when participants who have a better understanding of the technology, innovations and value provided by the cryptoverse, become tourists themselves for one reason or the other. Believing in Crypto is more than just a price turnaround, it is the reason why prices will turn that matter – and that’ what differentiate s tourists from participants.

Thank you @erodedthoughts

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Gloom and doom do tend to "sell" the news, but it really goes overboard sometimes.

Things will change, but it may take time. It also took a while for people to fully embrace the Internet as anything more than a "toy for deep nerds and academics." But now we ALL use it.

I see the "tourists" more as "lottery players." They don't CARE about the underlying projects and technology. They just want to make a "big score."

Congratulations on your new Minnowhood!


Even if crypto is not “mass adopted “ there is a place in the world for it considering market cap in now in trillions. It’s here to stay. Steemit needs to separate itself from “crypto “ company and become a “social media” company

I'm just hoping my next mortgage gets agreed before the bottom so I can buy (just a little) more steem before the rise.

Congrats on becoming a minnow btw!

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Thanks a lot dear

The prices will turn but I think investors are going to have to be very picky on what alt coins have a proper value and have a genuine use. There are too many that are just speculation and will disappear.


Empress, I was actually working on an article that is bullish about SteemIt.

The crypto market at large has a problem. While each crypto-currency might have a cap on its production of coins, there really is no upper limit on the number of ICOs that can exist.

We are basically to the point that anyone can download software, put up a server and claim that they have a new currency.

We are going to have to see a large number of failures in this space. My big worry is that regulators will heed the cries of people who lost money in the crypto market and use that as an excuse to regulate the market.


We need tourists. They sell for us their coins in the dip :D


The naysayers usually get the biggest annoying


Not annoying, its average. Complaining is easy, and this is the reason, why do it so many people. And complaining is familiar, and the people like the familiar things :D Btw it says much for the intellectual powers, but hey, you know, no judge :D


Bad news always attracts more interest than good, doesn't it!
Good news would be someone who made loads on crypto. That just makes others resentful and jealous, so they'd naturally rather hear that things are crashing now and they can feel relieved not to be one of the ones that lost out, instead.

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1 token is always 1 token, the dollar is always just becoming worth less.

howdy this fine evening empress-eremmy! I couldn't agree with you more. I don't like tourists. They're loud and obnoxious!

I saw that article about the guy who "lost his life savings." What a crock! A propaganda hit piece designed to scare people off.

Nothing will drive people away when they see crypto holding its value as the fiat currencies of the world slide into oblivion...



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