It is what it is with steem.
A little of hype but the price still roam around $1+.
Hope? Never lose hope, it is still running and the platform is great.
Focus? it is a day to day fight. I wish i could do better but it is hard to pass on the value. i guess i am no the only one even the daily new account is showing the progress on steemit.

What's your take on the low Steem price the last days? :)

It Will go up after btc hardF.

Thanks for your daily report man


still waiting for the day when steem will reach 2$ :/

thanks a lot for sharing good information about steem price.

Stats are good, but this steem price should be definitely higher!

Steem is sticking around 1$ and we will see good boost in price soon.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for daily upd

very low once again

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information of steem.

Thanks for the daily updates.

amazing report

Steem growing is good news

Sieht nach Bodenbildung aus. Wäre gut wenn sich so einer heraus kristalisieren würde.

nice infos

good post @elyque

Surely looking forward to your report showing a bounce for Steem! LOL

price has been so low for the last 2 weeks

almost everting green today, keep steming pll , greetings have some nice day

We can touch with steem from your post. Appreciated @elyaque. Good update

Wow,,, 481 new accounts today. Thank you for update Daily steem report @elyaque

Great news update @elyaque. Thank a lot for update steemians

account's are improving now in number :)

Great information of steem
Upvote Resteem

Not so bad. Thanks!

Thanks for the daily updates.

its steem report of current date, thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much.

Gracias por hacer el reporte diario.. Esperemos que suba de nuevo el steem :)

its steem report of current date, thanks for sharing.

thanks @elyaque for staying us updated regarding steem price.

SBD have great potential based on TA and FA on our happy steeming ;)

keeo it up

Thanks for the update of steemit report

$2 need

great update!

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Great work and great graphic chart.
100% like and resteem

Good update to steem
For your post propagation.

the post's are increasing good sign of active users

steem is on the low side

i hope it reaches new high soon :)

good work.....

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