The author number seems very flat. I hope to see that increase soon. There's too many bots curating to tell too much from those figures

I see it the same way, Authors is the real number, rest is bots playing around....

Hello Elyaque !! Do we have any announcements from Dan and Ned concerning the continual fall now in the price of Steem ?

its just to many liquid steem on the market from the powerdown's. We have 3 weeks to go before that ends, I see the price even lower in the next 3 weeks and start to go slow up from then on.....

Why are they selling their Steem when they know it is still low? Can't they just hold it until higher prices come along?

they just wanna get out, they have so much that they dont care....

A quick question to the stats: are the authors only those who create a post, or does it include anyone that comments as well?

only creating posts

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