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This is intended for those new to this platform

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It's pretty simple actually. When you log in to your wallet, Steemit will refer you to Blocktrades upon selecting "Sell." From there you will choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange steemit for. If you want to follow my instructions on the Website then sign up for an account on this online exchange.

But if you want a faster way to do things followed the instructions on this post. Let's say you want to exchange your rewards for bitcoin. Select one of the following: Steemit coin or SBD. Don't worry about the Steem Power as of now. Once selected you would put your Bitcoin address inside of the receiving end on Blocktrades. Afterwards wait no more than 15 minutes. You should see the conversion in your Bitcoin wallet (minus the transfer fees). Then make sure to use a Bitcoin ATM or "Bitcoin Debit Card" to simply convert to cash. Never trust new sources offering you money on the internet for cryptocurrency. Never send cryptocurrency to an unverifiable party.
**** Remember you have 7 days to acclimate rewards on one post. Don't post more than 4 times a day. It will help you earn the highest amount you can. Conversations in comments is a great was to grow your profile.

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Thank you for this information. As a newbie I like finding nuggets like these 😊

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