1Quick SIN2 updates

in steemit •  5 months ago

Hello everyone, just decided to drop some SIN2 updates. I have been offline, mostly working on plans for the event.

Most of the planning is already wrapped up and the the final run through of each department (publicity, entertainment etc) will soon be complete.

This year, we have about 80 confirmed attendees for the event, and more keeps trooping in. The idea is to be bigger and better.

You can read more on previous posts about the event on the @leadent360 blog or my blog for more details.
To support us, please donate to the official @leadent360 account as a little goes a long way.

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Can't wait... SIN 2 is gonna be lit🔥🔥 .
Big thumbs to the crew, and everybody working tirelessly behind the scene to make this event a big success. 👏 ....more wins, more success.

Well done @ehiboss! It promises to be a roaring success...


Thank you so much

This is good. I am hopeful on the great success of this event.

Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information

Nice work, I am planning something like this in India, would you like to let me know the ground work to be done for a project like this?

Wow, i shouldn't miss this one oo.. Sin2 all the way

What about people in Lagos @ehiboss