Well the Steem source code is not open source and thats the big disadvantage of Steem that it is not so decentralized like everybody thinks.
If Samsung purchased the Steem from than they also become in control of the source code.
They could develop the Steem Blockchain in that direction that they find most lucrative.
If this moves helps to make Steem more decentralized and open source is thr big question.
Really exciting rumors but lets keep it real the sources of that rumor are not really the most trusted users here on Steem and why should they know more than us?
Are all other witnesses left in the dark and the big drama recently was just show...well I doubt it but I'm open to any surprises that might arrive.

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It's impossible for Steem to not be open source. Every node runs the code independently.

Steemit used to be closed off, but that was two years ago.

So I'm not really sure why you think these things.

Plenty of clones of Steem are around like Golos and Weku. How is that possible without open source code?

The community would not be okay going in such a direction..

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Because "blockchain," that's why.

lol so true.

and think back in October..
Buying a blockchain company must have been so cheap, with the Steem prices at that point.
And laying off 70% maybe Samsung wanted this knowledge...
Devs and Solution architect for Samsungsds?

If Samsung would buy Steemit inc they would hold like 70 million steems which would shoot up in value the same day the announcement would be made... Like 50x minimum.

Samsung is not so smart to do that... No worries...

The king of speculation has spoken! :D

I know this market quite a bit... If Samsung would do that Steem would be in the spotlight for the whole world... No way that Steem would stay as number 53 or whatever in the ranking... Forget that...