New Steem Tool! Auto-Syndicate Your Steem Articles Across The Internet For Free!

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Start growing your steem following from other social media sites and blogs. Introducing a clever combination of free services that enables anyone to have their steemit articles automatically reposted to facebook, google plus, linkedIn, twitter, pinterest, and wordpress blogs.

It’s great that Steemit has a few easy-click buttons to help share Steem postings. However, each post share takes time, and you have to format the text of the posting yourself. Now, instantly share your postings with an automatically formatted body of text to an unlimited number of different pages, groups, and websites.


By automatically syndicating your steemit articles across the internet, your personal reach and followers will grow exponentially. The total amount of Steem users will also start to rise, as every posting shared through this service links back to the original steemit article.

This servicestack is unique because it allows you to control how your reposts are formatted when shared to other sites. The customization is almost unlimited (unlike every other post sharing system we’ve ever seen that just grabs the post title and link and that’s it, like Triberr)

The stack works with Streemian, Zapier, Buffer, and the site your sharing your posts to.

First, sign up with Streemian. Then go to the RSS section and grab your personal rss feed (or the feed of whomever’s posts you want to share). Our RSS code is

Second, go to zapier into the rss section. Find a zap that matches the social media site of your choosing. Most notably, the buffer integration can connect to many different forms of social media easily, however, the buffer integration in particular does not correctly grab the link image when posting, so posts through the buffer integration always have the generic Steem logo.

Third, set up and authenticate the zap. Now your posts will automatically syndicate from Steem to the page of your choice.

To set up a connection to a wordpress blog, we recommend this plugin

To set up more than 5 connections through zapier, we recommend using a private or incognito tab to make a new zapier account. Use this to move past zapiers 5 zap freemium limitation.

Let’s make Steem one of the top 10 forms of social media together!

This tutorial brought to you by Earth Nation Technicians. This system was originally discovered for the purpose of empowering our EN Digital Ambassadors to more easily promote in our Conscious Media Campaigns.

Get paid in our humanitarian currency; KEYS, and in BTC/ETH for joining the EN Ambassador Team. Use the same method outlined above and more advanced methods to help us awaken the human race by sharing positive and empowering information from the EN Media Agency. By joining our ambassadors, we will empower you with tools and knowledge to grow more than 20,000 followers a year by promoting on the top 7 forms of social media with other forms of smart automation and marketing.

Find complete tutorial instructions to become an ambassador OR to set-up your steemit post syndication in the “digital” section of the Ambassadors Tab under the Media Tab in the Homecenter.

When we launch our Beta at the start of next month, we will have a custom application that will simplify and expand on our ability to automatically share Steem posts. We will be releasing a powerful free version of this tool to the Steem community along with the rest of our Steem Guild Software.

If you have any questions, please inquire in the comments! We are here to serve you.

Thank you for your support in sharing this phenomenal service with the rest of Steem! Together we will rise to make Steem one of the Greatest Platforms on the Planet!

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thats not new.. been there since like 1 year now guys heh

I am newbie here so this tool helpful for me

That may be, but I wasn’t here a year ago so it’s new to me :)

As @aboutyourbiz pointed out, new is relative.

The software were making to help this process be much easier for everyone will be "literally new". Right now its so new its actually "coming soon".

This is a great article though I found it to be a complicated process. I hope it can be made a bit more newbie friendly.

Completely AGREED! I am far from a newbie and this is not making any sense to me, no worries. I am still wondering what to do and whether or not I should keep moving forward with what "seems" to be the process I need to go through?!? I'm about to cancel all of it for matter of security and trust. Unless I am directed more clearly, I will put a break to it all on this end.

I would LOVE to be able to partake to the venture, but with such directions, there's no way I can get there as is, sadly...

Namaste :)

In a few weeks our application will make it super simple for everyone to beneit from.

As with most technology, in due time it will be simpler. Most likely delegated to a single browser extension.

I agree. im still learning this technical stuff lol but i think im catching on somewhat quickly. best off luck to you!

this is a great post ...

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Yes, Very Well said!!

foolow me dears i will create most article for your

Hi @utopian-io and @elear. We added the utopian-io tag to this post because we think we are sharing the same spirit that utopian-io holds!

The spirit of sharing software with all people in a free/open-source way.

We know this post isn't actually sharing a unique code we made... So if you'd like me to remove this post from the utopian-io section we will!

Just let us know. Thank you.

The spirit of collaboration is strong!!!!!

Exciting news, this is a very good progress for all users, can I post a post about this good news ?

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Very interesting. Thanks!

It's a coincidence that this article got posted today because just yesterday I was discussing syndicating my SteemIt content to my WordPress blogs.

I knew that you had to sign up with Streemian, but I didn't know about the rest of the process.

This article is fantastic because it breaks down the steps. Yes, it may be a tad bit complex right now, but it's great that it can be done, and as it evolves I'm sure it will get easier. That's usually the way with most new online tools.

Very helpful article. Much appreciated! Resteemed!

Que bueno esta unión con el resto de redes sociales. Dándose a conocer .creciendo. creo que felicito a steem todos los días, cada día algo nuevo. Éxitos.

Very insightful. I've always thought of how I can share my posts on my wordpress blog. You just brought me a solution. This implies more sign ups on Thanks a lot.
I'll appreciate if you can create a video tutorial for newbies like me. I learn better with videos.

video tutorial coming soon!

This is a very useful information, thanks for sharing! :)

Wow, it will blow the Internet! Steem waves 🌊 gonna go beyond the shore. Thank you for sharing it!

You know it!!!!!!!

Which password should I use to sign up?

private posting

Very good idea. Actually I want someway to syndicate with my wordpress blog.Want to post from their then which will automatically posted here, is it possible?

yes! There is a wordpress pluggin called steem. It syndicated wordpress blog posts to steemit! @katteasis

Thanks for letting me know!!

What a benevolent move again! This tool will really boost our ability to reach out to the world. The aim to be among the top social media platforms is easier to achieve with this tool. Thank you so much, guys!

I was looking into the streemian, what password they required to sign up?. The posting pass? I don't use the other passwords to keep them private & off line :)))


I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

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Just created my account! Very helpful, thank you @earthnation.

Stay blessed @goddaily

Amazing stuff! great job Earth Nation!!

it seems to be a great tool. It will not only help steemians but also Steemit itself to attract more users from other social networks.

I have to read this again

@earthnation I love this development. The tool will help lot of minnows to grow fast

this is a great post ...

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wow..this is a huge step for steemit. Thanks for #steemit team for this new feature.

its good artical bro kerry on i like it

of course it is best article for newbies and i like this and i say that newbies read this article for good working with social activities across the internet for free

Really good idea of automatic posting of RRS feeds to various social media platforms. I LOVE IT!

Despite the few that seem ungrateful for this information that you have shared with us all, some of us are HIGHLY THANKFUL. The age of the information is irrelevant. I will be testing this out immediately. Thanks for spreading the light!!

P.S. I'm even considering signing up to be an ambassator, too.

New Follower here, @earthnation.

Best Regards,
Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

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it is very great i like it

Another fantastic tool by steemit

Great idea, with this you will greatly increase the popularity of steem

syndication of #steemit seems like a wonderful idea. thx for the post!

This looks like an interesting tool for steemit. I'm going to give it a closer look.

Can you explain for the newbies (me being very new) what this means specifically? I want the sharing option but I don't want anyone but me posting/voting stuff that will be recorded as my decision on the block. Or am I not seeing this correctly?

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New steem auto

interesting. nice post :)

Good information thanks

Nice Post and Very good idea @earthnation

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i love tools. they make life easier :)

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This could be huge, nice job!

A very good service, even seemed a little complicated especially for beginners but with time we will adapt and enjoy this excellent opportunity on Steemit

great article

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great, thanks for that!

This seems a good way, this Zapier tool wasn't made for steemit, is it? it's an interesting find!! thanks...

Though I probably won't use it, at least these days... I prefer to do things like these manually even if I'd get less reach.

Upvote for upvote, comment for comment, follow for follow - my job is done I followed and upvoted you already! thanks.

very good , useful , thanks

This is a great article though I found it to be a complicated process.

This is great post i will try and i hope it will work

This is a great article though I found it to be a complicated process. I hope it can be made a bit more newbie friendly.

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great news brother, i must try this. thanks for the information

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It will make easy to make some friend and money.

Yararlı bir makale olmuş.Yol gösterici :)

Thanks for sharing! I also find it hard to understand but thanks for the info :).

Nice Post!!!! great

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usefull article. Thank you for share

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your all post are usefull
i hope you leave long life

thank you for your sharing.
I will do it

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This is great, we need to make this platform more popular ... power to the users...

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Thanks for a quick reminder

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Zapier and IFTTT has made lots of automation easier.

Thank you for the information. Hopefully some day I will have the time to follow these steps to increase my reach with my steemit blog. I do feel as if I'm learning a new language though.

😍A very informative post. Great job. Keep it up! 😍
OpenMusic Steemit Kiss.gif

Just getting started on the platfrom but really glad that this will allow you to streamline your posts much easier!

I had to read your post twice and Im glad there your company are improving and advancing Steemit into 2018 - Thanks for a great post

Wow amazing post I never heard before
I am newbie here so this post helpful for me

Definitely keen to know more... please keep me in the loop @earthnation

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