Delegation Of 1,000SP For 30 days From @WhatsUp Update ---> Gratitude Shout-Out To @WhatsUp & @Underground!!

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Thirty Day's


It all started a little over two months ago, when @whatsup was looking for the next Dolphin in her post Looking for a future Dolphin, I was then nominated by @underground at the same exact time I was applying for the grand prize of 1,000 SP for 30 days.

Initially there was only going to be one selected but then @drakos and @irreverent-dan joined in to choose four lucky winners. The four selected were announced a week later in @whatsup's post Four Future Dolphins Have Been Selected!!!. I was fortunate to have been selected as one of the four.

The month started off quite busy since I was finishing up two major contests and still being a part of another. One contest being 50 Days Freewrite Celebration Contest with @mariannewest, and you got that right it was every single day of writing and posting a Selfie. With the funds provided by @whatsup I was able to not be selective in making upvotes on blogs and/or comments for the participants. I was even able to donate some funds to help with the contest.

curate like a boss2.jpg

One reason I was chosen was because I manually curate and go about giving upvotes to random people who may be very new to Steemit or may just need a little help along the way. Oftentimes, I haunt Discord post promotion channels and find interesting posts and creative talent. Fortunately, due to the 1,000 SP delegated to me by @whatsup I was able to give more than the usual and many times at 100%, at the time that was around $.012. This amount helps people from countries such as Nigeria, Venezuela, etc.

The second contest I have been a part of has been with the @ifc hosted by @apolymask, so I was able to give my fellow contestants upvotes on their blogs or comments. I'm still in the finals with only four of us left, so if you are ever interested in topics such as aliens, UFOs, conspiracy theories, then you might take a look at our latest round of IFC Finals Third Round - UFOs/Aliens. You will not be disappointed!

Along with my regular curation habits and supporting those new to the platform I also find it important to ensure that we all do our part in assisting by keeping people on Steemit. That said, for those I see struggling I spend time talking to them and encouraging sometimes in the form of upvoting comments or their blog. Because of the generous delegation I was able to do that quite a bit, much more than I can on my own.

This meant also giving to my many groups such as Steem Silver Gold (@steemsilvergold), MInnow Boot Camp (@mbc), The Steem Engine (@thesteemengine), The Hive (@thehive), Dynamic Steemians (@dynamicsteemians), Helpie (@helpie), Steem Basic Income (@sbi), and more. One of the activities I enjoy is to hold random contest giving away Steem Basic Income like here, or give to causes such as Depression. All of this was possible from the 30 day 1,000 SP delegation by @whatsup. Every little bit helps!


Since I was constantly on the go, of course I would like to say I wish I had more time as 30 days certainly goes by very fast. However, I did quite a bit with the delegation and I'm so very grateful to @whatsup for her generosity. It's kind people like her that have helped groomed me into the Steemian I am today.

With the huge support of @taskmaster4450, @preparedwombat, @underground, and @whatsup a girl couldn't ask for better mentors. I've been fortunate and for all those who are new to Steemit, the answer lies on great comments! Everyone above will tell you that commenting is one of the best ways to not only build your Steemit account but to interact with our community.

Recently, I was asked if I wanted a one hour spot from @fryst-witness on his channel @steemspeak and as soon as I get settled down a bit more after moving, I will be happy to take him up on that offer. What is even more amazing is that @whatsup is whom I consider an amazing lady mentor and at her suggestion the show will be based on how to be a success on Steemit from a Minnow's perspective.

All of this would not have happened had I not took the time to listen and apply research, comment, and engage the Steemit community. I'd like to thank all of my mentors form the bottom of my heart, especially my newfound @whatsup whom I'm growing quite fond of.

Let me add that the search for the next Dolphin's comes from a great group of people who really care about this platform, as much as I do and even though the 1,000 SP due date came and went @whatsup generously let me keep 100SP. These are the amazing people I have the good fortune to have on my side. Very blessed indeed!

If you should have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to do so.


Eagle Spirit

PS. My sincere apologies to @whatsup for having to wait another couple of weeks until my internet was up and running. Thank you for all you do for everyone on Steemit, including me.

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Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. I’m a First Nation member of the Hopi & Apache Native American tribes, Medicine woman in-training, first time blogger since November 2017, (right here on Steemit), paralegal, researcher, and writer based in the Mountains of Colorado, USA. I work closely with fellow planktons and minnows in a few groups by helping them adjust to Steemit and curate quality content. I’m especially interested in finding others who love natural medicine originating from ancient practices, gold and silver, energy work, and the spirit world. Additionally, I'm the creator of #MedicineCardMonday, so if you are interested in receiving a Native American blessing stop by my blog every Monday, or just say hello!
See you soon, @eaglespirit

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Very deserved, and great job really taking advantage of the opportunity!

It’s been fun hanging with you on discord lately. See you there for more shenanigans! 😄

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

This is great news @eaglespirit! Congrats!!! 🛣️🍾😀👍 🎉
You are great for getting this delegation, I know you will be fair and square. I just got back on track again, re:branded my profile, and I am now an active user again so to speak.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven (Live HD)

The pleasure was mine. I often have people ask me.. How to be successful, there are many ways, many ways! What worked for me might be different now and I think the successful minnows need to coach and mentor as it is a difficult time to be trying to build an account with the price being low are rewards can be discouraging.

You did a great job, and I am thankful I decided to do the experiment, I only wish it had been more and for longer! Thank you Eaglespirit for doing a great job! I hope others see you as emerging powerhouse on Steem that I see in you!

Your level of engagement and growth is inspirational. Not to mention you are one badass writer.

Keep up the great work!