Great Steemers to follow: @bullionstackers

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I have a friend and I never met him in my life. I don't know what does he look like, where exactly does he live or how old is he. But he is my friend! And my friend is going to be a whale!


I follow @bullionstackers since my first week on Steemit, eleven months ago.

I wrote a post about mutual support of minnows and guy showed up in my comments with funny picture of plankton and since that day we constantly support each other. And his support counts because here's a guy who follows real moral rules and he will not hesitate to speak up when he notices injustice on network. He stands up for other users, always defends those who are weaker than he is. If you ask him for help, he turns to your guardian, an attorney who will make many of his followers to discuss the problem.
@bullionstackers has his original style of expression and his posts are colorful and positive. He's a bit mysterious and my friends and I were confused and it took some time to find out is he male or female, on what continent does he live, what does he do! But, honestly, it doesn't matter, because we are friends after all!
@bullionstackers has awesome knowledge about many different things. I saw his posts about vegetables, tools, photography, I almost died by laughing when I saw his action shot of a snail!

But the most of his post are about mutual support of Steemit users and he is the one who will take care of situation if someone flags you without particular reason! He runs this #whalepower thing and I will support him as much as I can! Thank you!

Check my post about @bleujay here!

#whalepower & #whysoserious

NEXT: @runridefly

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Followed @bullionstackers thanks to your post. He does indeed write interesting articles!

Thank you, you will not regret

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Yes, I am here.

Aww what a nice thing to do! I think I've ran into him before, but I didn't follow him yet! Rectified that situation just now :-)

Thanks, you are an awesome Steemer, it will be fun for you to follow @bullionstackers

@bullionstackers is an intresting guy, following him plus you too, you guys are great. Lets stay in touch and make here a more fun place to blog. Success.

Thank you so much! You also got a follower

welcome, we will cerzainly stay in touch.
Also See my blog post for a link to collect free crypto, a one time opportunity
and feel free to share with your contacts

This looks great! Also check out steemsilvergold -- this a great new steem community that love all things precious and stackable. Great pics, videos, unboxings, insights, knowledge and history. A great place to get your shiny on!

Y'Arrrr from @thedamus

Thank you, of course I 'll visit it

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Rightly put about @bullionstackers. The guy is awesome. The first time talked to him and his reply and action spoke volume of who he is. He may not remember but I still remember. Follow @bullionstacker and get access to #whalepower.

That's the spirit!

Thank you for the insight I have made sure to follow this person. :)

Thank you, that's good for you!

This was nice, I like posts where people help push other people forward


Thank you very much!

Followed him, followed you.. Upvoted 😎👍

Thanks, I appreciate it!

@bullionstackers certainly seems to be an interesting personality. Obviously the person is financially very successful but what is more important is the outlook on life demonstrated through the posts. You did a correct thing in following him. I will follow too. Thanks for directing us to his blog. Upvoted,

I would be honored if take a look at my latest blogs when you have time. Your views, experiences and comments on the subject would be very welcome. Thanks

Thank you, I already visited your post and upvoted you before you mentioned that! No need to remind me :)

OOps. Sorry that I disturbed you with a reminder.

Never mind :) :) :)

It seems like we've been here for years. @bullionstackers was upvoting until he was without power. We made it out of that minnow pond, and @bullionstackers was there always! We Steem On

We surely do, my friend! You are next!


Yes it is

@charne-rose I will support you just like these two ;)

thank you so much!

No, thank you :)


You practically grew up together on steemit. It's your childhood body(steemit childhood) you never met in real life!

Exactly! Thanks!

Thanks for sharing and promoting others
Everyone promote his self
You promote and support others
As you did with me and I really thank yoy for that..
Thanks my friend

Thank you for always friendly comment!

Yay, #whysocurious is here to check out what you know that I know or not. :-)

Nice, lol! :)

Ok, Im following. :)

Hey @dumar022 how nice of you to give a shout out to your friend, he is very lucky to have a supportive friend like you :) I just started on here yesterday but will be sure to follow him thanks to your suggestion!

thanks! you started 2 days ago and it seems that you already have a nice, thematic blog. Gave you few ups! good luck!

Thank you! I'm still trying to figure it all out but it's so exciting to find a place to create on, Facebook wasn't cutting it =)
Thanks for your support, looking forward to connecting more with you in later posts.
Hope you have a good weekend!