My First Anniversary on Steemit 🎂

in steemit •  6 months ago

It seems like yesterday... but it's really one year ago that I joined Steemit. So much has happened, it's hard to recollect everything. I started my journey on Steemit as a simple curiosity about this platform and ended up being a witness doing all sorts of things. It's an awesome turn of events that was unexpected. I'm very grateful to all those who have and continue to support me. Thank you. I don't want to repeat myself about all my witness achievements, I wrote a post last week that summarizes that in my Minnow Support Project Witness Application.

Last summer was a lot of fun, I met so many people on the chat sand had a great time. Sadly, many of them went idle for months now. However I'm happy to see that a lot of them have stayed, are live and kicking with all sorts of interesting projects. That's what makes this place great, being part of the dedicated collective for the improvement Steem. Surely there were hiccups, the road to glory is a bumpy one. I'm confident that Steem is up to the challenge and will eventually be recognized widely for its value. I'm happy to be part of the early adopters.

World Cup Sponsorship


FIFA 2018 World Cup kicks off (no pun intended) tomorrow in Russia. I'm proud to be sponsoring two Steemit contests during this awesome event.

Check them out and participate to win prizes. Good luck to everyone.

Anniversary Wish

And now, I'm going to blow the candle and make a wish...

(I wish that STEEM will be $10 this year so we can all be rich rich rich)

P.S. I just realized I have a new badge on


Available & Reliable. I am your Witness. I want to represent You.

🗳 If you like what I do, consider voting for me 🗳


If you never voted before, I wrote a detailed guide about Voting for Witnesses.

Go to My name is listed in the Top 50. Click once.

Alternatively you can vote via SteemConnect

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Congrats bro for your 1 year here in steemit world! You've got 5k+ followers on your record and thats a great achievement! kudos

Happy Steem Anniversary Drakos 🎊
Time flies! With lots of 💎 treasures to be still discovered, hope the second year will be a lot better than the previous one. Smooth sailing ⛵️ 🏴☠️🍻 jolly pirate!

Well I just discovered you and I'm glad! Congratulations and keep witnessing.
A little kiss all the way to you.

(Yes, that's me with short hair in the gif)

Congratulations! I just started like 2 weeks ago, and pretty new here still, but always trying to learn and to give more and more to this amazing community.


@Claubzs you are doing very well. You make me look steemit life positively when i see how far you are in just 2 weeks. I am 3 days old and will keep following steps of people like you so i can go further.

I will follow you so i can support your work whenever i can and i am able. Have a good day

Happy Bday, BabyBoy :D

Hello @drakos

I never knew you're my contemporary on Steemit. Used to think you're one of the old generation Steemians. Good to know. We're mates; hope we'll work together. Many congratulations on your one year steemiversary!


@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

I am happy to see that you have been here a whole year!
One Thank You is not enough, on behalf of everyone you have helped ( etc)
All the best, until steem reaches & surpasses the moon!

Happy 1st Birthday @drakos !

Im here a year too, will be doing a birthday post to myself later. happy steemit birthday to whats your wish then? please do share


I wrote my wish below the candle.


omg how did I miss that. Mashed between the two gifs i just did not see it. Heres to your wish. I hope that and many others come true over the next year :-)


Happy First Anniversary!
Thanks for everything you do in steemit! I wish that all future years were very successful for you! :)
(I have new drawing and hope you look at them:)

Happppy steemyversaryyy!

Happy First anniversary Mister Pirate 😅 actually it's quite amazing because it's also my first anniversary on Steemit today and iam also celebrating that ✌️ best of luck nice to share same date with you buddy.


Yes, lots of anniversaries this week :)


Hah that's true.

That is my wish too and i pray that wish will come true. Your achievement in a year is remarkable and you earn my respect with all the good stuffs you do for us here. God bless your heart.

Happy anniversary to you @drakos

Happy steemanniversary! How exciting and look how well you've done. I'I hope you've come to the realization now that you're a raging, wildly spectacular badass. : ) Cheers to you and I wish many more years of badassery to come!




Your bird looked very uncertain.. I cheered it up with a party hat..

happy returns of the day. friend

Woohoo! Happy Steemit-birthday! Did you see that @saffisara's anniversary is today, too? And @sircork's was yesterday. Some of my favourite people joined within the same two days. :) I'm glad you're here, my pirate friend! (((hugs))) 💖


We're the OG's :)


I am only 3 days old in steemit and look forward to celebrating my first anniversary>
Also i hope to make friends like you have made with @Katrina-ariel, @saffisara and @sircork.

This shows that you can make friends in steemit and have a lasting bond.

I didnt think anyone in steemit even notices others enough to make friendship but i hope i will make some like all of you guys have. It is very promising after reading this comment

May that great desire, which you ask today on your first anniversary become a reality; the Steemit, everything is possible.
Happy first year for you, now to aapagar the candle.

Cool... Soon we have more fun here :) I hope this day start good :)
And Hi from Estonia :)


first i really love Estonia. SO one of the reason why i commented is because i saw you are from there.

I was born in Kenya, Africa and learnt of Estonia at a very early age. I wanted to move there and live there when i grew up but ended up in Canada by default. Your country is a tiny but very nice place. I got my friend that was studying in finland to cross the boarder and visit for me .

Sorry for the lengthy essy but i was happy to see someone from Estonia. Have a very good night and hope i get to see you again in steem. I will give you a follow. not much worth because i amonly 3 days old but it will add up to the number of followers you have.


It is ok :) ... and yes Estonia is small just 1,3 milj people live here :) I hope soon you can come and see summer here, summer is cool here :)

My compliments! I've just started my adventure on Steemit and I hope in a year time to achieve some results!

Congratulations and Happy First Anniversary 😊


I am sorry I make one commend more... I just want say Thank you!! that you make time and look. This 3 vote are cool.

Weeeee, HAPPY STEEMVERSARY :). I have only been around 5 months and it seems so looooooooong ago :). All the best wishes and thanks always for your kindness and support.

Happy Anniversary!
I've only got 31 days left for my own anniversary.
Best of Luck!

Congratulations to you. I just started today with my introduction post. I hope I can provide some good content on steemit.

congratz, i have my 1 year birthday in a few days..

Happy anniversary! 😊

Greetings Drakos, I celebrate this day with you from a distance. A thousand thanks for all you have done for the people and for the community; a big hug, thanks for everything!

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Happy Birthday Dear @drakos !
En espérant que ton (notre) voeux se réalise :D :D :D Steem to the moon !
Je viens tout juste de passer un an aussi =)

Wish you a happy anniversary on Steemit. 1 steem = $10 dollars is a lot of money. Your wish really represent all steemians' wish. I hope it will comes true

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YOUR ACCOUNT!! ☺️ And thanks for your help

Congratulations @drakos! You have received a personal award!

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I really can't believe you've only been here for a year. You are a Godsend man. I'm glad we have you here, helping everyone, myself included.

Congratulations @drakos! Only pirate in avengers! And edit your wish to 20+ lol

Happy anniversary to you. I'm right here for a year, could be doing a birthday post to myself later. satisfied Steemit birthday to you. So whats your anticipation for then? please don't forget to share.

Congras ☺ I am also more than one year on steem blockchain, welcome to the club. ☺

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I wish you that STEEM would cost $ 20 😃

Happy birthday!!!! I am sure there are many more to come. This platform and all of us are lucky and grateful to have you. I hope you (and we hihihi) get your wish. Keep on being you and leaving an amazing footprint on steemit!

Wow xD I can't believe you joined just a week before me. I thought you're an ooold whale before haha. Congrats on all of the incredible achievements and may there be many more ^^
Most importantly I'm glad that many Steemians you know are still arund, a very rare phenomenon.
Good luck!

Congratulations!!! That's a great wish :-)

Dear @drakos, I congratulate you on your anniversary here! You are one of the most active dolphins here that support minnows. Thank you for your support and thank you for your request. This will be useful to all of us :)

Today I made a big post about drawing in the style of traditional Chinese painting. I have not seen such workshops on Steemet yet. I hope you'll look at it.

This holiday fireworks for you!

HUGE Congratzzzz on all your Steemit accomplishments and Happpyyyyy 1st Birthday, @drakos!

Enjoy your celebrations and I'll be doing @arcange / @steemitboard's World Cup contest along with you. Thanksss for sponsoring it.


Dang dude, same although my year has been rocked where I wold leave for months and come back to find most of the people I know disappear 😂. But I'm gonna make a post as well on my anniversary soon and tips on how to avoid the mistakes I did on this platform.

happy 1st anniversary with Steemit. I am a new user, I hope to be very successful too.


I am three days old as well and hope to succeed too. Its a lot of things i am not sure how they work but i am quickly learning.
I will follow to support you

thanks for your upvote and support.......and congrats to you!!

Well done @drakos! You successfully guessed the match result.

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Happy steemanniversary, may your journey to two also be as fun as it was for number one for you.

Congratulations on your first year in the community, I'm glad to be part of your followers and see the successes you get in Steemit.

I think we all want your wish to be fulfilled. 😉

And now, where is my piece of cake? 🤗

@Drakos i am your newest supporter. I only joined Steemit 3 days ago so seeing someone like you to me you are a lengendary.
That being said, I have seen you are on top 50 witness list so for the good work you do i will go and vote for you in a minute.

HappyAnniversary and 1st Birthday. I hope i will be like you when i grow up. ALl the best and happy 2nd year @drakos

Thank you for making Steemit a better place. You're a real exception. Vote Drakos for witness.

Congrats to you @drakos. You have done a lot in one year.

Btw, it's bizarre that I have seen your name and Steemians talking good things about you for many months now (places like @thealliance where I'm a member)...and only tonight I just started following you lol

Sorry about that, my man. Do not know how the hell I overlooked you. But safe to say you are NOW a part of my regular Manuel Curation trail :)

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Good for you and Congratulations🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉!!!! More power and Steem on. @ronafe

Congrats on your first year bro, im new in steemit so i will eventually complete 1 year myself, wish all the best !


I wish you many more, and so glad to have you on the platform!
Your hard work and your great personality add value to all our lives! 😊


First of all congratulations @drakos on completing one year on this platform and good to know that you've had an interesting journey and how you moved from normal Steemian to Witness. And you've doing great job as an witness and you're engaging through your post too and you are giving updates too, so overall you are effective and i want to wish you more heights on this platform and in life.

Good to know about your two contest Sponsorships regarding the FIFA World Cup and I've already registered for the SteemitBoard World Cup Contest. Keep up this productive and amazing work.

Thanks for celebrating with us through this post and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂