Steem.Supply Update: Added Unclaimed Rewards Balance, Bug Fixing

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It's been a while since the last update. Between waiting for a stable API and the need to push some changes, the need to push some changes proved stronger, so today I'm rolling out a (small, but useful, I hope) update to this app.

Here's the changelog:

  • added the unclaimed rewards to the user profile (including unclaimed SBD, STEEM and Steem Power)
  • fixed a bug in the detailed rewards link and refactored it: now you can "see this content on Steemit" directly from within the detailed rewards screen
  • fixed a few notices generated by incorrect casting to int rather than float
  • version bump

All, in all, here's how the new unclaimed rewards piece of info looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.11.09 PM.png

Once rewards will start to be paid in STEEM as well, the unclaimed STEEM will appear there as well.

As always, looking forward to your feedback, criticism and suggestions.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

Wanna know when you're getting paid?

I know the feeling. That's why I created, an easy to use and accurate tool for calculating your Steemit rewards

It's free to use, but if you think this is a useful addition, I'd appreciate your witness vote.

Thank you!

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Thank god for . Better rewards overall

Really nice update keep up man

  ·  last year (edited)

just tested it, it better from the last time I used it last two weeks.

Job well done.

Any recommendations, advice or chatisement to this account?


Just keep posting.


55 USD... Well, the numbers will go up a bit when Steem will increase in price also :D

I can just agree with @dragosroua, this is a good way to increase your account value. And of course, you could buy Steem and power up, at this price it may be a good move, but don't take my words too seriously, I may be so wrong :))


Awh, thanks xoxo much brother.

Thank you for the fixed bugs and updates!


Thanks for your support, appreciated!

Small but great improvement on a already great tool! Keep it going!

Good to know that you are the developer of Steem supply and i am personally use this website to check my weekly estimation rewards and it's really effective. And great thing about the Steem is we can directly communicate with the people who are well established developers and we can get inputs about new developments and new features about the current development on particular platform to use it more effectively and to get the more add on features in data highlights.

I personally explore the bar chart in Steem supply because these bar showcase the productive activity done by the Steemian and the potential returns for that day and this way Steemians can analyse what do's they are using and what don'ts they have to exclude. Keep up this amazing work and hoping for more exciting development updates in future.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

This is a good update i must say but my confusion lies with the fact that i dont know what exactly the unclaimed sbd/steempower represents. Is it my personal unclaimed sbd and steem power or that for everyone on steemit?


Nope, just yours :)

Came to know about from steemplus. It was around a couple of months ago and I have been visiting ever since. It's a great source of information and helpful stats. Thanks for for the update!

Thanks @dragosroua..this chart is going to help us to know easily on how to calculate our steemit reward ..thanks for sharing this post

I had once made another page to the page a while ago, and it seemed very easy to be able to see all the rewards I was carrying in an easy and compact way. Although I had no idea about this update, thank you very much.

Testing complete:

  • I reloaded and it showed I had unclaimed rewards.
  • went to Steemit and claimed those rewards.
  • reloaded and voila! nothing about unclaimed rewards showed up.

Cool Thanks @dragosroua!!!

Now if you could just add a crystal ball function to show when prices will bottom out and peak, that would be great! haha

  • Actually, the graph you provide is quite useful. I'm needing to trade SBD for Steem so I can purchase some SteemBasicIncome for a couple of contests and am watching the trend. It's trending upwards, so will wait until the last second to trade. Unless! I notice it level off or start trending back down, then I will jump on the trade...
    Thanks for this!

Now if you could just add a crystal ball function to show when prices will bottom out and peak, that would be great!

It's on my todo list like since forever. :)))

Looks like Ned is not desperate for his rewards. I love this tool for checking what I have coming up. Thanks


You're very welcome :)

Been using it for months. Really a great tool and you seem to never stop from improving it.


Multumesc! :)

steemsupply is one of the best site that provide account information.
I like steemsupply @dragosroua

Cool update! Also those this mean you can work on a curation reward view?
I never understand exactly how much curation rewards I am about to get.


It's on my list for a very long time. Hopefully I will squeeze in the time needed for it.

  ·  last year (edited)

Just promise it be this year ;) but other than that keep up the good work

That's great thanks for this fix :)

What good information! Greetings friend

Thank you for cointinuing to improve the tool. It's one of the most useful tools here and I'm happy it's not just let to live or die (since you're continually improving it).

Hi @dragosroua! Today I tested steemsuply and found a discrepancy in the estimated value of my voice compared to other applications. Examples are given below.




all except steem suply show that price of my vote 0.03SBD why is it so? All screens were made at the same time today.


I calculate the value in USD, not SBD. If you want to know how rewards are actually calculated and what's with the confusion between then'$' sign on Steemit and the actual value, have a look at this:


Now I understood! Thank you for so quick answer!

Thank you for a very useful service. @dragosroua

That day is not far away, when the steemit will be a means of communication.

very intiristing :)

Great Post sir.have good day.
I love steem.

Great to see your update @dragosroua
What we happened to unclaimed rewards when it finally paid

keep making usedull tools for steemit users ... dragrousaa ..

good post.. Thanks for sharing this..

Thanks for the update @dragosroua. When will we get paid in Steem? Is it when the price goes down below a certain amount?