STEEM Just Broke Above $0.4

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While checking as usual, I just spotted a small change: STEEM value was above $0.4:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 5.08.21 PM.png

Last time it was that high was on January 23th, this year, when it reached $0.43 (according to Coinmarketcap):

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 5.09.16 PM.png

In Bitcoin, STEEM was changing hands, at the moment of writing, for 10,275 satoshis, being over the psychological level of 10k.

Let's see how this holds.

Steem on!

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41 at CMC now! It seems like the Koreans are pumping their fiat into Steem. Perhaps all the development and DApps are starting to pay off, could we go parabolic perhaps, or is it just some kind of market randomness?

Hope this time it might reach $0.5 and hold that position till the next up trend comes!


Does anyone know what would be driving this price spike, when BTC and the other alt coins are down?

Haha, I'm monitoring the price too :D The volume is very nice!

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After long time steem broke 0.4. Thats great news for us. Hopefully steem more going up soon. Thanks for sharing this happy news.

Great efforts are being made on every social media platform to raise steem awareness. Especially on Twitter.

Hopefully steem will shine

This time I feel like it will sustain this gain and I wish it will reach 14k or 15k satoshi.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Hopefully this will be a start of a new bull run.There is a little bit of green in all the coins. It will be a sociological boost of steem stays above the 10k Satoshi mark.

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This year real projects will be identified from pseudo projects in crypto space. And nobody can ignore steem when that exercise unfolds over this year

There have been a lot of positive developments and activity lately so hopefully this can carry over to the markets. Positive signs so far anyway.

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I hope it hits 15k Satoshi this time. System on....

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I hope the price continues moving forward and does not fall back again

I wonder what is causing the sudden pump??

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Looking good!

I think the Price of STEEM going over .40 is Celebrating that I Just Cashed in a SteemMonsters GOLD Tournament, @dragosroua

0.4 steem is a step to go down for 0.35 again.
But is it a signal to jump again where ... only god knows

Yes! I'm still waiting it to become +$1 though...

Also, it's been a while since I found your posts in my feed. I'm checking your latest posts now.

It's making my Dolphin purchase, at 8275 btc satoshi per steem, look like an actual wise investment instead of the deal one could not refuse which it was. 😎

Shutting up now, lest the market decides to bite me. 📉

Call of the decade i think.

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Feeling very bullish right now! The chart seems good!

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I remember the good old days of Steem being a couple of dollars. Times change really fast in the crypto world...

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Finally after a very very long time most of the alts seem to have bottomed out

Wow, this is nice. I don't have much steem or sbd to sell, so am not selling.

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