May 30 Days Challenge - A Few Thoughts About It While We're Half Way Through

in steemit •  8 months ago

We're half way through the May 30 days challenge and I'm really, really enjoying this. Also, I'm very happy to see that some of the participants are already seeing results.

Remember, this challenge has, as a primary goal, the strengthening of the Steemit community, but it's nice to see how some of the participants are already seeing rewards.

Like I said, I can only upvote at full strength 3 posts per day and that will amount to $3-$4/vote, depending on the actual price of STEEM. But the good news is that, by being consistent and participating in this challenge, you will get more upvotes because:

  • you will get more visibility by being consistent
  • your writing skills will improve
  • you may get more visibility because the tag #challenge30days is being picked up and creating a "snowballing" effect

Speaking of this effect, here's a nice one by @rgeddes, who joined the challenge by writing fiction (not necessarily by answering to one of the topics, that is)

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 2.19.38 PM.png

Also, some established Steemitans, like @alexavn, are seeing consistent results:

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 2.19.38 PM.png

Please note that I didn't upvote @rgeddes at all and I voted @alexvan only once, if I remember well.

So, if you think $4 for a post is not enough, think again, because there are many other benefits by joining this 30 days challenge. This challenge is indeed like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get :)

Steem on!

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Dragos Roua

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I will take your $4 upvote any day of the week haha
Don't know how you do so much writing, by the time I am finished work and exercise each day I am exhausted

Its indeed a great challenge @dragosroua and altough i'm not participating, i'm getting to know new authors and reading some nice posts. I did enjoy a lot this two articles by @alexvan:

Definitely it is a great source of lot's of benefits I appreciate your vision @dragosroua

Thank you for the update on how the challenge is going.
You can not start building a house by the roof so besides getting some rewards which are the direct benefit you may see, there are many others that help to build your engagement and reputation here.

I just read the Red Eye by @rgeddes and I must admit, it was a funny one. A quality piece of writing. I do admire a good plot twist.

The problem I have with this is that he deliberately used the tag #challenge30days in order to promote his completely unrelated content in a not so crowded area, but one where he can be almost sure to get noticed and snag some legitimate upvotes by skipping the line with bid-bots. I just feel like this is one of the instances where bots should not be used.

Everything is so true. A year ago I did the challenge for the fist time. it helped me a lot as it has given me traction. Also with it I came in contact with a lot of people with whom I made a relationship.

Writing daily helps a lot, it gives so much visibility. Also taking part in the challenge draws attention as some whales like to watch such projects.

For all I can say, stick to it till end even if it will be hard in the last 10 days maybe, after you pass this point where it is hard to write it will become so easy.


Do you get the nice adsactly vote just because you put that tag and got lucky, or is there more to it? I've seen adsactly in other places but I do not know what it is.


Hi @fitinfun, there are more in it. ADSactly is a community where people help each other. You can join our discord:


Oh - thank you, but I'm not on Discord.

wow this is really interesting because for me $4 is a lot. because the biggest reward card that I am receiving is below $3. can I still join this challenge? or I will start next month?


you can join anytime


thank you, this is very uplifting...

I have to thank you and you have upvoted a post of mine once and it felt very good.

Your challenges makes people think and a lot of hope being generated.

It’s day 16 already and it’s been interesting all the way.

The May writing challenge is really helping people with content and encouraging steamians. Good job @dragosroua

This has been a lot of fun. Thanks for the challenge.

This is for the consistent ones, it is a nice initiative.

Thank you for this post. Thanks to you I discovered a new tag to be used in my articles.

Hello friend woo those rewards are amazing, although I do not understand there are powerful friends voting on the tag challenge30days ?

I guess some research is in order to see if those authors are getting bigger upvotes on all their other content as well.
However that looks like, daily posting is the best way to build a following and to build community.

"So, if you think $4 for a post is not enough, think again, because there are many other benefits by joining this 30 days challenge."

Most of my posts don't even receive $1 payout. I am mostly earning cents with my posts, even if I put hours of work into my posts.
I am very grateful and very happy even for a $1 upvote, especially after considering/taking into account the fact that my monthly income in real life is around 68 480 HUF, which is only $255.58 USD, because $1 USD is currently (2018.05.16, 23:46 CEST) 267.94 HUF.
I can't do anything about it (I mean my monthly income), because I live with multiple disabilities and I am unable to make friends in real life and I am unable to work. I have tried to work in part-time jobs (4 hours a day) in 2014 and 2015, but I can't do it.

Back to Steemit and to the upvotes and to other benefits:
According to SteemWorld (beta), I have received 6 upvotes from you in the last 7 days, worth $2.74.

Thank you very much for every upvote (as well as for this writing challenge), I really appreciate it!

After the money, the most important benefit is that I improve and maintain my English writing skills by participating in this challenge (I am not a native English speaker, I am Hungarian).