I Don't Think We're Going To See This Again Anytime Soon

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First of all, look at that SBD printing rate, man, that number is wicked :)

Second, it's been a while since SBD and STEEM were at parity and when they was, the value in fiat was probably $3 or $4 (if I remember well).

Anyway, it was a nice (and totally unexpected) catch while I was browsing my steem.supply stats.

Steem on!

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Ha, ha, ha. @dragosroua. Good catch. I missed this and I missed Steem hitting a dollar. 😁

I think there's more chance STEEM will go lower in the short-term - at least until SMTs launch. Even if we bounce to $1.25 or $1.50, I think it'll continue its downward trend until something happens on the platform.

If SBD is pegged at $1, then it'd be higher than STEEM, so they'll be on parity again soon(ish) when STEEM rises again (or am I missing something about SBD peg/values?).

Hahaha yeah not a number you wanna see. I think you’re right, they were at a parity around the $3-$4 mark for a bit.

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What is the best option now to do when posting. Still keeping the 50/50 split or go for the 100% steem option. Both are tempting.



I'll go for 50/50.


Thanks. That was also my idea. If Steem would have been around $1,5 or so, than it would have been a different story. Still see more and more post going for the 100% steem option.


There is no 100% STEEM option, maybe you wanted to say STEEM POWER?


Yep that where I was referring to, sorry for the confusion!


yeah he is trying to say 100% poweruo option


At any moment that SBD is above the 1$ mark the most profitable option is 50/50
The moment it drops below 1$ and steem stays above 1$ the the 100% option is the best

PS @dragosroua I have a question. Since mining at the moment is far easier than when the prices are high
A) How much times is approximately needed in order to reach the total supply
B) What is the total supply after all? (number)

Best chance for sbd holders to convert their sbd's in to steem.

Do u know why they are barely rewarding in sbd right now? It has been getting perpetually worse but it seems to have fallen off a cliff recently and i have no clue why?


It's because of the SBD printing rate, which is now at 7-8% (you can see the current SBD printing rate at steem.supply). This rate is set up by witnesses, as part of the measure for keeping SBD to the $1 peg, via the price feed biases.

After a long time we are at parity finally...

Lol it's like the steem definition of an eclipse. May never happen again if they keep SBD on par

For me, this is the lowest ive ever seen, the most threatening is the rate at which accounts are powering down and leaving. So many witness arent saying anything about it yet.
Whats happening?.


Its OK, let them cash out and leave. Im just happy streaming gaming on dlive as it works flawlessly. And in the meantime HF20 will come, BTC will rebound and we're gonna start next cycle :)


I hope it'll be going back up soon. :D :) Fingers crossed. :D :)

actually it's time to convert sbd to steem

I've been selling what sbd I have for steem. A good opportunity to power up

yes sbd rate is really weak before many days and it's running present now also

Nothing better than this when the chance comes time to grab it with both hands :D

6.66% that's what every Steemian is channeling right now to improve the markets... We need to sacrifice a whale to summon our lord and savior Satan!