A special thanks to all those who have been supporting me for the past year.

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Yesterday I finally got the last components for my computer (my Christmas gift to myself). I had wated 3 months for it to get out of customs as they wanted bribes to let the computer get processes. This generally happens in South Africa, so I was actually surprised when they finally let it come through. Currently these lovely people are being charged with corruption and bribery and will be in court next year.


So putting all the negative aside, this is how the pc looks on the outside with all its accessories. I have fallen in love with this pc. So you probably thinking, what games am I going to play? Well I don't game as much as I used to, only play games when my friends ask me to join them. So I am mainly using the pc to mine.


This has been the very first thing I have actually spent my money, made from steemit, on. Most of the money I make on steemit goes to my family and savings. So I just want to say thank you to all those who have supported me, a special thanks from me and my family :) without your help... well I don't know where we would be right now.

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If anyone has some great mining platform suggestions please let me know as I am looking for some areas to mine that will get the most from.


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Nice gaming desktop! Hope I can buy one.

awesome .... i upvoted and followed you ...plz you do the same..

You deserve your follows my man, keep on doing a great job.

This really touched my heart

Most of the money I make on steemit goes to my family and savings.
In this selfish world we're living in, it's arduous to find persons that remember their family in periods of financial buoyancy.

I want that keyboard. Do you mind linking it?
Congratulations & Merry Christmas.

Got it with the mouse for R800 it is a red dragon set.

I want that light up keyboard, I don't even game, it just looks so cool

we will be on your side forever

Looks good, best of luck with the mining.

I want that keyboard. Do you mind linking it?

I'm happy you got your computer, but I love that keyboard. I think that would help me since I use the "hunt and peck" method for typing. I am going to be on the lookout for this type here in Bangkok.

Aaaah! Good old Life is Feudal.... you bought a PC so you can now be enslaved by two 14 year olds that will decide to execute you down a cliff.
Good job :P

Hahaha Oh yes that was last year for me XD

It's a great computer! Use it well!

Wauhhh...the PC is really big. You gonna enjoy your peace fully.
Africa has such issues corruption, bribery and others.
I think these are one of the barriers which hinder our development

That is very good of you not forgetting your parents and most importantly, the PC is superb and attractive.

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Do you have any stats for me on the profitability of it.