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RE: Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes

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Well looks like my base vote is now .03 instead of the old .02
I will do my own experament and self vote a couple of upcoming payout comments to see what happens.


Look forward to hearing what you find, but pretty sure I know the answer based on how many I watched.

yep. The $.02 vote disappeared and the $.03 registered as a pay out. Damn it all to hell !!!! least now you know. And think of this fact, the price feed can change a lot from day 1 to 7 from when a comment is made. With only 12 or so hours there was very little room for that changing to effect the payout. Also very little room for large votes to effect the reward pool.

The price has also been increasing so the odds should of increased for a payout if anything.

Anyways to play it safe you are best to use a 3 cent vote.

guess I will jsut have to make it rain when I up vote

lol - this is making my head hurt!!!

here is the start. This was the bare minimum vote for a .02 and a .03
upvote test 1.JPG

upvote test 2.JPG

we will see how it shakes out.

Ok, why did you comment here and not my post? PSHHH. 😝

I would stick with 0.03 to be on the safe side. The reasoning is, as @eonwarped investigated for us, the 0.02 upvote value stays frozen on the screen until either someone upvotes behind you, or until post payout. If steem price plunge, then that 0.02 value, upon payout, could now really be 0.015 and is deemed dust. You have to account for the fluctuation in the steem price, along with other criteria. Check out his post for details, I have it resteemed on my blog and mentioned above. It's really good. Just more on the technical side. :)

@beeyou while @eonwarped did the math correct I am pretty a 0.02 vote will never be able to payout due to curation which I think he ignored. Would love for someone that actually has real knowledge of this to actually speak up as there isn't a good way to research it that I found. I might be wrong about the curation being the issue, but it's the only thing that makes sense IMO.

I have seen 0.02 paid out actually. Curation has nothing to do with it. If you like I can walk you through the code. Especially the part confirming what I'm saying about the value you see bring frozen until next action or payout. Feel free also to reach out on steemit chat (same name) or discord eonwarped#2295.

I get that it's frozen, but with only 12 hours to payout with last minute votes there was very little time for a change in the voting pool or steem price feeds. Plus with over 100 votes watched not one under .03 paid out.

I will reach out on discord we can talk further. Thanks for the offer.

If anyone is following along here, it appears there's something that is unexplained here. Hard to investigate these corner cases without full history, which does not appear to be available :( . We seem to have confirmed that curation is not a factor at least, so to my understanding it has to be changes in voting pool (since feed price went up). However, even that seems unlikely as @thedarkhorse was spacing out two tests within 2 minutes of each other (who knows, maybe the variance in the two corresponding blocks was high???). In any case, go on the safe side and go higher than 0.02 as instructed in the original post :P

Don't be jealous

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Oh good, I was going to tag you in this @beeyou.

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