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RE: Is blogging on Steemit profitable? How much should you earn to be "better" than average?

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Well that was depressing to read.. I am active like hell, but I am still well below the payout (and yes, I just got mass-flagged by berniesanders, but even before that, it wasn't all roses..).

Besides the Steem rewards, there are also SBD that you get handed out. Considering SBD having a much higher inflation and a higher price, this should result in an average value per post and comment per day (of SBD and Steem combined) of about 4 US-$. In Bulgaria, you have to work 3.5 hours to get that...

So it's not that bad, but only for half the users;-)


Thanks for the comment @doodlebear. You are right that the price of SBD does affect the profit. Ideally everyone needs a much higher SBD price.

I was surprised that SBD inflation is high. Do you have any details? I know the supply of SBD is very low compared to steem, so I though it might go shooting up on the smallest speculation.

I have the information from this stats post. The total supply is 10 Million and with 4% weekly, this boils down to a bit less than 60,000 SBD per day.

In the SBD chart of the post you can see they've changed that at the end of 2017. It was probably their attempt to push down the SBD price again, especially compared to Steem, which is mostly trading below it.

The very most of these extra SBD land in the pockets of a dozen upvote bots. They (actually less than a dozen bots) take away about 15% of the total reward pool. It's quite extreme, they are relentlessly draining the system. I'm going to publish a post about it tomorrow.

Thank you @doodlebear. I will be coming back to read your post.

Hi, I publishd the post here. Unfortunately, it got flagged. Upvoting is not necessary (and won't help much).

I enjoyed your post. So sorry you got flagged. Not deserved. I also liked your article about blowers in front of trains to blow suicidal people off the tracks. Somehow I doubt they will do it.

This comment was also flagged, but my upvote corrected the damage.

thanks for your opinion+the upvote. An anonymous sympathizer even lifted both publications of the article out of the red zone again. I guess, I'm not the only one viewing the bot business and bernie in a critical light.

On the blower idea, I guess you are right, transforming ideas like that into applications rarely happen. You'd have to develop it yourself, prove that it works and get a patent on it. So, a lot of costs and uncertainty. But if it works, it would be the hell of a business;-)

It is not just about it working. It’s also about persuading some train company to buy it. That would be hard.

I think selling fast food would make more money.

That is a good objection. If I had to market such a system, I wouldn't go to the train company, but to interest groups or ideally parents who have lost their children in such a terrible way. This is of course not the high road, but emotionalizing seems to be working quite well these days.

On the business end, I guess it depends on how many patents you hold for it and how reliable it is to include an insurance to the product. Companies like zero risk when buying something.

But, I'm probably overthinking this again. Selling burgers might really be the better - and faster and safer - way into making money;-)

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