Talking Bitcoin & Steem with @dan-atstarlite and @originalmrspice [DTube Exclusive]

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@dan-atstarlite is an amazing musician and steemian. If you don't know him, along with @jaybird they form the @steembirds and performed at last years steemfest and may also perform at this coming Steem Creators Conference and @dtube event. Great guy, been in the crypto sphere for a long time so he has a lot of wisdom to share. Got @originalmrspice in the house as well ! My man. Make sure to check him out and give him some love.

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Hey guys, welcome to D-News on the steem blockchain. Bringing you the latest in the steem sphere & Personal development! We have over 100,000 social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram on all our accounts put together and we’re just so excited to be on the steem blockchain!

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Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. Please do your due diligence and research in every topic. Never invest your bread money. Take care of yourself & family first. Don’t always follow the herd, follow your heart.

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Man, I wish I was there with you guys, looks fun. You know what, I don't think any of us need to say "this is not financial advice" because there is no license for cryptotrading, therefore, no one is qualified to give financial advice on it. Am I wrong with this is there a crypto "series 7" equivalent? @dan-atstarlite great job!