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RE: ALERT: SBD Print Rate at 1%: Everyone Posting Must Use the 100% Power Up Option... Now!

in #steemit5 years ago

this issue is affecting past rewards, that drop to 0! I'm having posts with $0.05 or even more, that simply got to 0 insted of being credited


Past rewards? You mean posts already paid? Can you give an example?

Post published a week ago! time to get the reward on the wallet, and boom nothing

please supply a link so I may look - if you wish, of course!

mmm... I see what you mean.
I'm asking around, but don't have an answer as yet.
Strangely, not everyone is seeing this behaviour - might be good to get some other affected users (once they notice!) to see if there is some account parameter doing this.

did it effect you?
BY the way I commented the issue on github and I added this one

No, that's the odd thing - and why it took me a while to reply - my rewards are all looking fine, for now, and appearing in my wallet.

This may be related to the inflated wallet sizes, but worth flagging it in case it is a consequence but needs a different bit of code looked at.

I can see 2 recent rewards for you. Look at

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