AIR WALLET announces Airdrop with one of the biggest bounties in history

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R WALLET is the world’s first Airdrop & Digital Wallet application & platform changing the Airdrop Industry. Our simplified solutions to current industry issues will make applying, storing and receiving Airdrops much easier for everyone.

AIR WALLET will launch an IEO with DOBI Trade Exchange and one other exchange on Dec. 10. 2018
We understand the value of Airdrops for both companies and collectors. Currently the Airdrop industry is plagued with issues that slow down the process to research, apply and receive an Airdrop. The process can be time consuming and difficult to complete.

AIR WALLET is an ERC-20 compliant mobile wallet application and platform that will help make investing in the industry safer, faster and more secure. Within the AIR WALLET platform, people will be able to browse available airdrops, apply without all the hassle, store and even trade their coins. We’ve partnered with some of the best names in the business to create smarter solutions for the Airdrop and cryptocurrency industry’s biggest issues.

To apply to our first round Airdrop visit
Click ‘Receive Airdrops’ to apply.

800 AIR Tokens for writing content about AIR WALLET.
400 AIR Tokens for following AIR WALLET on social media.
100 AIR Tokens for sharing AIR WALLET posts on social media. (limited to 1 share per platform)

Total Airdrop bounty amounts to approximately $95 (USD) upon full completion.

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