I am giving away 360SP in Delegation to 3 Awesome Steemians

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Why am I doing this?


Well... Quite frankly, I think Steemit is all about the community and I am doing what I can to support the community that is supporting me. I have only been on the platform for 4 short months and everyone here has been so amazing to me and I want to give back any way that I can.

I know that starting off here can be a challenge, but I have met many great mentors along the way and listened to what they have to say. @underground took me in and let me become a member of the Minnow Boot Camp with @mbc-meps.

@spritualmax welcomed me into the @cryptoempire and has entrusted me with a delegation of 150SP for quite some time now. This whole idea actually stems from what he did for me with that delegation so long ago.

@crimsonclad in all her wiseness once said during MSP Waves one night, and it seems like forever ago, the best way to make it here on this platform when you are new is not to make a lot of posts, but to not post for a while and to just go and comment and vote on other people's content, and to make engaging comments. That way you will become known in the community and people will want to follow you before you even have started posting stuff. @crimsonclad is very wise and knows what she is talking aboot.

So with all that aside, building up SP at the beginning can be an arduous process, so I want to help 4 talented Steemians out that need that extra push to keep going.

Where am I already delegating and why?


So I am not even close to being a whale, but I have full faith in Steemit and believe that the community is what makes this an awesome platform. I will be delegating out just about all of my SP once this post is complete. I will leave just enough so that I have the bandwidth to get my tasks done for my photography contest and the other posts that I will be making.

@helpie - I have delegated 400SP to the @helpie community because they are a great group of Steemians and have been very welcoming to everyone that becomes a part of their community. They are also very talented. There are artists, photographers, singers/songwriters and writers. They are just an amazing group of people that are doing great things for this platform.


@umvbot - I have delegated 300SP to the @umvbot which supports the Military Veteran Community here on Steemit. We have our own community of veterans from around the world and their supporters. I have been part of this community since my early days here on the platform and forged some amazing relationships with my brothers and sisters in arms.

umvbot avatar 1.png

@travelfeed - I have delegated 100SP to the @travelfeed account that curates users travel posts. @jpphotography, @for91days and their other curators are constantly working to provide feature everyone's quality travel posts for the community and @travelfeed rewards those posts with a very nice vote.

@mbc-meps - I have delegated 100SP to the @mbc-meps initiative. It is a community that on-boards new "recruits" to Steemit and has a training program set up with homework and other tools to help them be successful on this platform. It is a great place to start if you are new here and not afraid to put in some work at becoming successful. The Minnow Boot Camp is the brain child of @underground and @eaglespirit, they are both doing amazing things to help people here.

@themothership - I have delegated 60SP to The Alliance Family's Mothership account to support the members of The Alliance. As a member of @thealliance, I am proud to do what I can to support the other members of the family.

@daywoo0311 - I have delegated 20SP to my friend's account upon creation.

Available SP (owned) - 1312
Total delegated SP - 980
Remaining SP (owned) - 332

With pending payouts over the next week, I will be able to reach the 360 SP required for my delegation goal for the 3 Steemians that I will be delegating to.

So who will get the delegation?


This initiative will be for those members of Steemit that are here to support others, so if you have a habit of self voting more than you vote others, you will not be considered. Here are some of the other "fine print"

  • Must not be a bot or make spam comments.
  • Posts should be something that benefit the platform (no plagiarism or junk posts).
  • Must have less than 500SP.
  • Must be an active member of the Steemit Community.

To be eligible for the delegation:

  1. Upvote this post.
  2. Resteem it so it can reach as many people as possible, you never know who needs the delegation.
  3. In the comment section, just say why you would want the delegation and how it would help you to improve the Steemit Community to have it.

I will go through the comments and make a selection by the end of the week of the 3 people that will get a delegation of 120SP each. I will leave the delegations active for one month and then I will recall the delegation so that I will be able to delegate it out again. Hopefully those that receive this delegation are able to use it to help others enjoy this platform.

Thank you all for taking the time to visit my post.


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I guess I will go ahead and throw my name in the ring for consideration. What a wonderful thing you are doing! I love upvoting people's posts and comments, but I always feel bad that my votes often don't even bring people one cent. :(

I'm still figuring out my focus here on Steemit. I'm a journalist by trade, so sometimes I will write posts that highlight things I'm reporting on and provide more details. But other times I just want to write lighthearted posts about my cats (and I'm planning a post soon about a cruise I just got back from taking!)

I love to upvote independent media contributors here, who have found some of their livelihood harmed by tougher rules on Facebook and YouTube. I also like to vote on posts about pets, and I like to follow posts by people I've met through my local Steemit meetup group. Those folks made a HUGE difference in helping me be more interested in Steemit, and I'd love to do the same for others one day once I'm more established. :) Two of my Steemit friends are currently traveling the country in their RV and sharing their adventures via @thedodgemahal! Their adventure is just starting out and it's already inspiring. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out! :)

So in summary, I'm still figuring out my focus here on Steemit. But I love to bring people a bit of joy by upvoting and commenting, and I'm planning to focus even more on Steemit in the coming months. I don't know if I have enough votes yet to qualify for this. If I don't, that's OK, I'll keep following and learning. :)

What a great comment. I have checked out your page and you are making some pretty great comments to people here on this platform. You are moving in the right direction. Keep up the great work. This was a great comment entry for considerarion.

Awww, thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that I am moving in the right direction. :)

This is a fabulous way to give back. I love seeing how many people on Steemit choose to share their stake to benefit others. Nice one!

I'd love to see my buddy @philm.music enter. He just joined... waiting for him to post soon. The guy is a musical genius. Can't wait to see him share his talent. When I started, I was lucky enough to receive a delegation from the #adoptaminnow initiative started by @whatsup. My minnow mama was @topkpop, who became a mentor and gave me a temporary delegation that helped huge. Yay for generous hearts! 💖

I'm not going to enter myself into the contest because @nomad-magus is already generously sponsoring me with a delegation. Just want to say that what you're doing is awesome and I think I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate it. Getting that delegation meant everything to me and has newly motivated me to work my butt off growing my own presence on this platform, plus it feels SO good to be able to support others with upvotes that actually mean something. Keep it up. :)

Thank you. If you think there is someone that is deserving of the delegation, tag them in this post so they can enter. I am glad that you have seen the benefits of how great a delegation can be and how awesome it is to be able to use your vote to support others and their work. That is what sets this platform apart from others.

I recommend @kimberlylane! I don't know if she uses Busy or has Ginabot, so I will link her here. Thank you again!

@derangedvisions loving what you do! Not gonna promote myself either just like @malloryblythe. A while ago I had a problem with storing my movies on D.tube. @tarazkp helped me with it by delegating something from his SP. Still thankful to him for doing that. So gonna follow you and resteem this action!

Think I'll put @trexxie on the list for this delegation. Guy is doing great things with his movies in that awesome suit. He's trying to make the world a better place to give everyone a smile. Not getting the attention he deserves I think.

Keep up the good work you're doing for the community😀👍

In response of @Guchtere I want to tell about @Trexxie as well!
I met this guy in Austria where I saw a dinosaur on ski's
What an awesome dude it was! He showed me his Steemit account with all the crazy stuff he did! I believe he just started and he is not even close to stopping! So as Trexxie would say: "Keep sharing the Dinosaur love!!"

RAAAGGGHH!! Thank you so much @Guchtere @Dboontje
And your love to dinosaurs is appreciated!
kop trexxie1.png

LOL, I am Honored to be mentioned in this way. Every now and then, I see someone who has SUCCESS Written all over them, and I try to become a part of that success. @derangedvisions, you were one of those people. Take note of our nearly Identical Rep Scores... and while I do not concentrate on that, it is a factor that I work on a bit. I have been here so much longer and you have caught me! Glad I could maybe be a small part of that. I just hope that someday when all my protégés are Millionaires and Billionaires, they might throw old UNDY a big upvote now and again


Don't worry dad, I won't forget about you. lol


Ok, so first of all. Why are you doing it? Well, cause you are Wes! I've told you from the start. You have a huge heart. You know I'm a fan of your photography, and how hard you work to make this a better world. And I'm not saying all of this to get a delegation, I've told you this before. Let's just use this comment as an excuse to say it all again.

On one hand you know how much I want to help the people from my country. This would be of a BIG help. I have so many talented friends that have given up on steemit, and it makes me sad, but I understand, not everyone curates in spanish. And I'm not talking about pitty votes, I mean really curate valuable content that is not being recognized.

On the other hand, you know I've been working hard to curate, and I've met some really awesome talented people on the way. It happens a lot, that the post for some reason, doesn't comply with the standards required to get a big upvote, and that's were I normally try to contact them and help them out to make it better, and it's right there were I wish I had more to help them out. I still vote, even though I know it's not worth much!

I have helped translate posts and did some markdowns to people I don't even know. Just to help them out. But it's something I can't do all the time. Having a bit more voting power sure would be helpful to spread a bit more love and support to all those talented people I've met on the way that have had a hard time getting noticed and rewarded. I do it anyways, but it's more of a moral support, and it some times feels frustrating not being able to do a bit more.

Well, you know who I am. And whatever you decide, I'll still be happy to know you are helping a whole bunch of people.

Un gran abrazo para ti, mi querido amigo.

@gabyoraa, you have already proven to be a valuable member of the Steemit Community and do so much to help with curation and help those people to be noticed. I am not going to wait until the end of the 7 days to let you know that you are the first to receive the 120SP delegation.

I know that you will use the delegation to help out as many people as you can. Thank you for what you are doing here on Steemit and for the people you are helping.

Awwwww, wow. You just made me cry haha. Helping others is the best feeling ever! And to receive help to be able help others even more, is even better! I can't even find the words to thank you Wes.

Congratulations @gabyoraa! Don’t know you yet but will start to follow you. Your reply and early win speaks for themselves😎

Good luck with curation and helping out others here on Steemit.

Thanks! @guchtere Wes is an awesome guy. I'll work hard to make good use of that delegation!

I have no doubts about that @gabyoraa!

BTW I really like your tattoo! Do you have a bigger picture from it?

Congrats Gaby!! Very deserving!!! <3 Awesome choice Wes!

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This is so kind and generous of you. I keep loving this place more each time.

You're right. Folks here are amazing. I've had so much help in my two months here.

I know some amazing people doing such wonderful work I'm going to mention them here to get their attention. @dreemsteem for the @welcomewagon, @littlenewthings, @bitrocker2020, @zord189, @maverickfoo, @asapers, @buddyup, @calumam.

I was just about to make a comment about some amazing people when I saw that @kchitrah has already mentioned them. But I'll just mention them again. @dreemsteem and her @welcomewagon are doing such a great job supporting newbies and have helped me a whole lot. It would be great if they could get some extra help to do more of that awesome support work. And @calumam has made me a super beautiful avatar pic for the @buddyup discord channel. A lovely gesture that made me feel welcome and appreciated. I am having some trouble participating properly because of the blooming time difference (and a lack of time) but I think @buddyup is a wonderful community. I hope they put in an entry for this delegation as it would be so well deserved.

This is such an inspiring and generous initiative, bro!

I want to put @preventsuicide into the foray because depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health issues that can precipitate suicidal thoughts and tendencies are on the rise.

As you know from our chats and your experience as a veteran, we want to reach as many beautiful hearts out there in our community before they make any final decisions about their life.

We also are reaching out to those who have survived and/or continue to survive these mental health issues because their story of experience and survival can help others out there that are too shy, embarrassed or scared to reach out, yet need to feel they are not alone in their struggle.

So how will delegation help?
Simple. Because we wish to reward those that are bravely making helpful content about this issue as much as possible.

It's early days yet, but we see Prevent Suicide playing an important role in the Steemit community and hopefully will help save lives here.

Much love to you, big-hearted bruthaman!

You are going to be doing amazing things to help those in need. I wish you the best of luck and will be considering you for the delegation. Try to get this account a little more active in the community so that it is more known to everyone.

Thanks so much bro.
Crazy busy times at the moment for me personally, but still, I'm compiling relevant posts to curate for this page to get help out there, raise awareness, as well as raise the VP/SP so that we can reward great, positive content in order to encourage people to blog about their experiences with this issue. (if you see any good content that fits the bill, please pass that on to me in the Preventsuicide Discord server)
Anyway, as you know, I'm in this mission for the long game.
Blessings my friend...

Upvoted and resteemed. These kind of initiatives and the ones who are really envolved in the community deserve all exposure they can get. As of why would I could help steemit with the delegation? I honestly think the best way of contributing is doing what I'm doing now, dunno if having a delegation would change it :) I like to post mainly about wildlife and join the photography contests, and that will be the value I'll bring to steemit. As I've seen written over and over, it's about creating good content and doing is consistently, and that's what I aim for. And I've seen a lot of excellent work from people that like me, just recently joined the platform. So I dont foresee no shortage of good posting on the community, and probably initiatives like yours just incentivate good work even more! Thanks again for this, and all the great photo contests!

It has been great seeing the photos that you have entered. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. Keep doing awesome work.

Wow, that comment made my day; that kind of feedback is really welcome. And I can retribute: although I haven't been here long, I see you're really envolved and proactive in steemit community... so keep doing YOUR awesome work too ;) Big thanks!

Not only a quality content makes us success as said in Tamil proverb

"சுடர் விளக்காயினும் தூண்டுகோல் தேவை"

Quality= hardwork
Some what upvote = smart work
Then surely it gives success I can see many of the newbie are working hard and making a good post they we unnoticed by anyone. I don't know how to project them on @curie project. So I wish it will be opt for me.
Thanks @derangedvisions for such a type of delegation

The "newb" needs to get around an read, more than Post! What @derangedvisions cites in his article above, @crimsonclad told him "get out there and COMMENT, and up-vote others" I did that as well, in fact I knew that going into steemit. I had a very successful account on a gun forum, but it did not pay anyone LOL!!! I was #6 in likes received, and all the people above me, #1 thru 5 were there because I gave out more LIKES to them! That alone told me I could MAKE BANK here on Steemit! IT WORKS!

Oh! Dude help the good one not like that #5 😂 I m sure that they were poor content creator.

You are an awesome Steemian! Thanks a lot for the delegation to @travelfeed, quality travel authors like yourself will now benefit from a well-deserved larger vote on their travel posts!

You are most welcome @jpphotography. All of you at @travelfeed are doing awesome things to support the photography and travel community here and I just wanted to help in any way that I could.

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This is a nice initiative. If the SP is deligated to me, I'll use it to support myself and all those supporting me. I just have to be frank with you. I'll support other people's contents too, but I'll support myself more. Hope you consider me for such delegation because I seriously need it

Brother, You are helping some great communities here on Steemit. Keep up the great work!

I'm still learning to be a curator, under the mentorship of several tops curators. During my learning to curate good content, I found out that there were not so many initiatives to support pop culture enthusiasts/fans. I'll use the delegation to support blogger with this specific interests (fans of music, movie, game, toys, skate, surf, sports, comics, anime, manga, etc)

great plans!

Thanks @derangedvisions for giving minnows like me an opportunity like this.
I joined the steemit community three months ago and i must be sincere, its been a tough battle, its quite frustrating when you spend time on a quality writeup and you don't get upvotes from people.
I upvote and write great comments on other people's post, in fact, i had to set a goal of commenting resonably on at least 10 posts per day and upvoting too, but 60% of those people dont even notice your comments talk more of upvoting.
I almost gave up but i discovered on the long run, that consistency and hardwork are the keys to success.
I really will be very happy and grateful if i'm chosen because i really need this delegation.
I'll make sure my impact is felt mostly by minnows like me, i'll continue with my goal of upvoting at least 10 quality posts per day. In a month, i'll have supported the steemit community by at least 300 upvotes on quality posts.
And through the delegated SP, i'll have made people smile.
Thank you

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

WOW Thanks a lot @derangedvisions for this great oppurtunity you have given to us the newbies here on steemit... i can tell i have been having a lot of fun this past few days on @steemit... one thing i have learned on this plartform is "NEVER HAVE THE MINDSET OF COMING TO MAKE MONEY ON STEEMIT" a lot of people have failed to take note of this rule, and also a lot of people do know about this rule, i make alot of posts but still i don't get paid much, i am on this plartform simply because i have the passion for it... i'm just in love with it... each passing day i see alot of people with good, beautiful and perfect content, but they don't get noticed i feel sorry for them, all this people need to be encouraged, they all need to be appreciated, if i am given the opportunity i will do my best to put a smile on the faces of these people thanks



Hi! What a good initiative, good idea as a prize for a contest! I hope to receive the delegation to support quality content and give fame to post with the tag geography, geology, photogrammetry, science, photography of minerals and rocks, and landscape photography. High quality content and no copy and paste. I would also like to contribute to helping new users in Steemit.

You are a great one Steemian, I really like your contests and publications! Regards my friend!

Wow, this is truly an awesome initiative. Thanks for giving newbies here a glimpse of hope. I've been on steemit for about 1+ month now and it has not been easy, my progress here has been quite slow and people hardly support you once they realize that your reputation is low and your upvote is worth nothing. But there has been some set of people that has been giving me little support here and there despite my low rep and worthless upvote. I believe if sp is deligated to me, I'll be able to show some of them that i sincerely appreciate their support thus far by showing same support to them. Also, a lot of minnows create good contents each day but most of such content are being ignored. I have many of them that i am following, with such sp delegation, i can be able to show support to them for the period of such deligation. Finally, since I'm also a minnow at the bottom of the community, i spend most of my time here each day commenting reasonably on posts that interest me, but just a few number of people support my comments with upvotes or go to my blog to check out my posts, since i'm still trying to grow here, i will also support myself from the sp deligated. Though, i will support others more because once they know that i sincerely supported them from the deligated sp, they may want to support me too.

lol U should join the Bootcamp like Wes (@derangedvisions) Did!

Please, what's the bootcamp all about?

Where's the link to join the bootcamp


We have a bot (@mbc-meps) that you sign up with on autovoter, and once U prove that you signed up then I add you to his autoVoter list. You upvote the Bot with a tiny vote and get back like an 11¢ vote daily! Pretty Good Deal, and we also have advancement and classroom work, which is optional...

how do i join?

Thanks. should i notify you through the reply here after I've signed up?

We can do it on the discord
leave me a notification

How can i leave a notification. I've already joined the discord group

U did it, we got U!

What a great iniciative bro! I created my acount in October from the last year but i've started posting a month ago. It has been hard for me, it gets really frustrating to not get views. I think when a content is of good cuality at the end it will get recognized. I want to get this SP to grow faster and start looking for and supporting good content and especially those of colleagues photographers.

If you are a photographer, I run two photo contests a week on my blog. One of the sponsors to my contests, @czechglobalhosts, has daily photo contests that you can participate in and be rewarded through. Both ways are a great way to become recognized in the photo community and build up your account.

Yess i've participated once in the @czechglobalhosts contest. I like a lot your contests because they have very cool topics but sometimes i don't have the time to take the photos. Right now i'm trying to take the best photos i can of pets and flying animals.

Great to see another veteran leading from example and blazing trails. Good on ya man.

Thanks. The veteran community is going strong and making an impact here on Steemit.

I vote and I tell you, and I am very sincere @derangedvisions; I do not know what this delegation is for. You lend it to me and I have to return it or the expense or do I give it to other users that I consider? I do not know about that topic and maybe many do not know it. I congratulate you for the work you are doing in giving sp to the communities that work in groups, what a great heart you have.

It means that he'll lend you some SP that will be yours to use in that your upvotes will be worth more money, but it won't actually belong to you and you can't withdraw it, and he can take it back at any point. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Thank you very much @malloryblythe

It basically just lets you have more voting power to reward other people for their work they do on the platform. If you are chosen, you don't have to do anything and won't owe me anything. You just need to make sure you follow the rules to be eligible for the delegation and that is it. Good luck!

Well understood, thank you for prompt response. I´ll resteem it.

@silversaver888 check this out

This is awesome of you man! I'll resteem to spread the word 😁

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Your SP delegation could help us a lot on supporting more quality content and real interactions with a project that we started a couple months ago, it's called like our city, @Maracay, the project is about curating content from our city first, then from our country, and also developing activities inside and outside of steemit like contests, giveaways, even workshops on fields like photography, graphic design, social media, makeup, and many other topics that we could share with more people.

Once we realized that we actually needed way more than 20 SP to curate something, we started building our SP by focusing on our personal account first (we're doing it right now while that account is "paused"), that way we could follow @Maracay's trail and maybe later delegating to that account. For now the SP you're delegating could help us be real curators from content from our city and our country. You're probably asking why we're not thinking bigger on curating content from the whole community, well that's simple, we know that even if we try the hardest there is tons of people that we are still not able to support, our idea is to start helping more people around, guideing and supporting activities and people from around us, your SP delegation would help us support our community that is the city where we live and it's people, then we can start dreaming way bigger, for now that is something that we're sure we can do for the steemit community but starting from close to us.

We hope what we wrote makes sense because it's been a long day, body and mind are looking for some quality time with the bed. Thanks for the opportunity you're giving everyone right here!!!

At The Hive we work on giving newbies the visibility of a reward through shared voting from the group and members, We hoped to keep a minimum reward level of 0.03 however with the fall in the price of SBD Steem, So does our reward. A delegation although possibly cheeky for us to ask, of 60 would help us maintain that level of 3c reward.

This would not only keep our reward level it would also assist us to grow our members the group and enable us to do more.

Thank you for your consideration.
If I used an alt to recommend me would I have a better chance?
(Irish Humor)

You are quite the giver! All those steemmonster packs and now this. Wow!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great initiative! For someone like me who is starting on steemit, it is very difficult to grow. We come up with some good ideas and start something only for a lost cause.
Basically, i share my love of photography here in steeemit and support fellow photographers. Recently, i had started a poem and photography collaboration with my friend and looks like it will also backfire.
Upvotes are slowly growing nowadays and so are the followers and i think i will continue posting even i fail because i love photography and will continue loving it.
You can always visit my account and show me some love if nothing else to inspire me. And yes i upvote my own post sometimes because most of the times its hard to get any(Haha).
I would love to giveback to starters if i grow someday.

This is a wonderful way to give something back to the community, and you really are dishing out all of your Steem Power throughout the community. I think you have more then enough entries so I will not add any more - good luck to everyone that has entered.

#thealliance #witness

Thanks @c0ff33a. I have no problem giving back to the community that has helped me grow to what I am now.

Wes you are full of surprises!
I am not nominating myself, I just wanted to pay my respects to this great initiative!

Thank you. I always appreciate your support and seeing your amazing photography.

Its people like you, Wes, who gives this plaform the potential to be the greatest social network in the world. You are awesome man :)

Thank you. I really appreciate that. There are so many awesome people here trying to make this a place for people to be succesaful. I just want to do my part.

You got my upvote and resteem there but I'm not gonna enter myself because I saw so many worthy candidates, god it won't be easy for you to pick and I don't intend to make it any harder for you lol
Just wanted to thank you for what you're doing and congratulate you for the remarkably fast growth you did here :)

This is awesome, Wes! Steemians like you make me want to stay with this amazing platform. I'm slowly reaching 500SP thanks to all the contests and upvotes from curation teams/individuals, so I'm not applying for the delegation(although I love upvoting/supporting others), but resteemed your post, so more people in need can see it. Best of luck and stay Wes! :)

Thank you. Best of luck in reaching 500SP. That is a great accomplishment. It is always awesome to see your photography and it is well deserved.

What a good initiative you are having, you need more people like you in this community who want to do that kind of thing.

I would like the delegation because I will not be so new but it has been difficult for me to grow up in the community, it is difficult for many to make themselves known, not everyone had the opportunity that you had and the help they gave you to grow quickly, I think with that delegation my vote would also be more important and could help other people in the community to grow with a simple vote, also because as they helped you I would like to receive that help to grow me too.

@derangedvisions, you are a great person to be helping others in the way that you doing. I, myself, have only been on steemit since April 2018. I am enjoying getting some of my poetry out for others to read and I am a part of @isleofwrite on discord and getting some great feedback on some of the poetry I have had critiqued by others on the site.

Thank you for what you want to do to help others on this platform and I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed day.

Thank you so much for your support - the entire travel community thanks you!

You are welcome. You guys are doong great things at #travelfeed for photographers.

Thanks @derangedvisions for giving this SP. Whoever wins this would surely experience this to be a big positive experience on steemit.
I would like to be considered for a delegation of sp
my reason are as follows.
I believe my journey on steemit is not a 100 m dash but a marathon or more like a cross country race for which I need all the fuel that I can possibly get.
This delegated SP would do just that. Act as a fuel and let me focus on creating content that is still hidden and buried in my heart and mind. As I have discovered that without creating visibility for your blog and interactions with your audiences there is little purpose to be posing on your blog.
To increase interaction you need both engaging content as well as visibility. With this SP I would be able to single mindedly able to focus and experiment in present my content and be able to support myself and create a model which I can use to support others.

Love to see such a nice community idea. Will think who I might nominate for gettting your SP.

If you like to have some fun, you may join my weekly steemit #BeerSaturday challenge where we build a worldwide beer lover community who show there beers and where I sponsor each week many prizes in SBD and #Beercoins.

I would like to be considered for the delegation. I've been posting daily and do my best to read and leave genuine comments on other peoples posts. I've most recently been in a fifty day contest with @mariannewest and appreciate so much the other contest participants, the writing community and how daily writing is increasing my readers here on Steemit.
I have to be honest about how I'd use the delegation because I do know it will give me greater voting power, and it always feels great to spread the love, but not sure if there is any best way in which to use it? Just vote along as I normally do?
@malloryblythe left me a generous compliment and suggested I take a look at your contest, so here I am :)

You are very generous!!! I am so happy that you are successful on the platform and are doing so much to support the community!!

Thank you for your beautiful heart.

Prior to early last week, I used to self upvote with my little 0.001 cents just before I found helpie and other community that have been supporting me, the support I received from this communities has changed my way of thinking.

If I can be supported like this, I need to support others too.

I wish I have enough sp to go on with this commitment so as to be able to put smile to someone's face through my upvote too.

If I can get more sp, it would help me a lot in achieving this goal.

A lot of people are leaving steemit because they were not encouraged, I really want to give back to this beautiful community, gaining more sp would help me a lot to achieve this.

Also, I'm running a charity program called "random acts of kindness" where I see to the needs of the needy.

This initiative hit a major setback after the loss of my first steemit account in February, I've done so little with this little account because I'm still finding my feet on the platform, if I can get the delegation, it would help my growth and help me to resume with the charity project.

If you don't mind, I can share with you the link to some of the accomplishments so far.

Thank you and God bless you.

I've got less than 5% self upvotes, I'll spread it around ;)