This Guys Found an Exploit and cause Havoc on @randowhale! 🔪🐳💰

in steemit •  2 years ago

This guy @remorafund found an exploit on @randowhale system and quickly deposited some SBD to his account to test his exploit

as you can see he send funds on his account 7 hours ago to carry out and test his exploit on randowhale

he did a post 4 days ago labeled test2
he's a very clever guy because he will get his investment after 3 days for payout to make a quick buck

he readily make a lot of comment on his post so he can send his comment link to randowhale to get votes

he invest 2SBD to get 8SBD upvotes from randowhale what an evil genuis!
we didn't know that we can send our comment link on randowhale and get upvotes on comments instead on your blog post.

he did this every minute resulting to drain randowhale voting power

luckily randowhale noticed it and quickly block this guy on his system

making this wanna be hacker dude quickly withdraw his SBD out of steemit..


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Very clever Evil Genius!!!


hahaha 😂😂😂

Well he got screwed anyways, randowhale took back at least a portion of the upvotes. Can't really game the system all that well if you need to wait 7 days.. I mean the people find out eventually ;p


haha too bad for him.. :)

Did @randowhale also unvote / 0% it?


i think he is

Excellent investigative work. I fear his first move would be to simply try it from another account.

Lots of abuse out there with the huge increase in new accounts. I just had to write a post about some today:


great post! you did a really good job exposing them!

damn, wonder if it still works :)


still working but you will block by randowhale soon if you abused it i guess :)

WOWzers haha



Thanks for your information and reminder...what a shame on him


you're welcome glad he got caught


yeah may I share your information?


please do! :)

The guy tried to beat the system. This is serious


haha but he got caught

This is crazy!


great news!
he already quit steemit withdrawing all his SBD 👍👍👍


Yeah that messes things up for others who paid for up votes and didn't receive much :(

he is too clever


yes indeed

Very informative.
Clever hack...good it's been fixed hehe :)


thank you so much @xaero1 for your upvote
this will help me finance my son's speech therapy.
thank you thank you thank you! 😘😘😘

New here, who is randowhale and what is going on here? Why would someone send $ 2 SD to his account in order for up-votes? I feel like I am missing something here. Anyone care to clue me in?



randowhale is a whale, you can pay him 2SBD and he will update your blog post
doubling or even making your 2SBD investment tripled

Hopefully rondowhale has a fix for this so other people don't also exploit.


i think he already fix it..

Thanks for this. It is good to have people making others aware of these things. I thank you for your time @deism12. I will follow you for more updates on these kinds of issues.

Good post.


you're welcome..
mostly i post about random stuffs.
i just noticed this guy and thought its good to share it to others to make them aware whats currently happening on steemit..


Well no worries I'll tag along for a while and see what you get up to. Cheers.

Does something smell fishy?


Great work detective @deism12 !


you are my inspiration @x-p 😊😊😊

That's crazy. I tested it myself on a comment yesterday. Can't they reprogram the bot to just allow post upvotes?

By the way, glad I found your profile. Everything is blinking and looks super funny. Please tell me you did this GIF yourself or know the genius creator:


i have this for so long.. i cant remember where i get this one hahaha
btw ill be happy if you follow me :)


Totally. I expect funny stuff from you. And this post was really well researched. Awesome.