Steemoji 0.3.0 - easy emojis in Steemit

in steemit •  2 years ago

Steemoji 0.3.0

This is probably the first version which is really usable. Therefore, please update to version 0.3.0.
In the Chrome Store, it may take some time until the 0.3.0 version is available. I think a maximum of an hour.

You can find the new Version in the chrome web store.




  • Steemoji now adds directly to the editor an emoticon icon. With this button it is now possible to quickly insert emoticons.

😊 😊 😊





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😜 works well :)


Here and there are still some problems, but i am working on it 😉
Thanks for using it


hello! have you fixed it? So I can download it :D


What do you mean exactly?
The current version is functional for Firefox and Chrome. You get more Information at

thanks, this looks great.

Do you happen to know how I can put Emojii's in my profile tagline, like stackin (Charles Fuchs) does?


At the moment with copy and paste. You copy and paste an emoji, not the code, the emoji itself.

I will include this into the plugin! Good idea, ...i had not this on my radar, thanks


@lexiconical i made an update. you can now add emojis to the profile tagline with steemoji :-) 👍


Thanks! Tossed you some bucks!


Thanks for using it. 👍 The version 0.6 is currently available. Most bugs are fixed. Now you can use it properly 😉 ... i hope it helps

thank you @dehenne. it's great.


you are welcome

Thank you very much.
but you can also try
Emoji shortcuts which are in windows and mac


I am a unix user 😉 and the plugin is ~one year old