✨✨ Emojis are now available in Firefox - Steemoji meets Firefox ✨✨

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Steemoji meets Firefox

Hello everybody! 👋

After a few weeks of waiting, Mozilla has finally unlocked my Steemoji plugin.

What does that mean?
Emojis / Emoticons usage is now just as easy in Firefox as in Chrome.

How does it work:

  • Install the plugin. You get the Plugin here
  • From now on you have a smiley button at the "Submit a Story".
  • This Button helps you to insert emojis / emoticons into your post content and post title

You can insert emojis to your profile text, too

  • Go to Settings
  • Make a right-click at the About field
  • Select Steemoji
  • Select your wanted Emoji from the menu
  • Done 😉

What's next

There are still some improvements on my list.

  • An emoji search
  • Remember the most used emojis
  • Some improvements in the usage (Inserting several emojis into each other must become easier)
  • And here and there still some things 😀

For those who do not know the plugin yet, here is a little Preview


. . .

ChromeWebStore_BadgeWBorder_v2_206x58.png firefoxaddons.png

. . .

Steemoji is completely free to use. If you want to support me, upvote or resteem this post!
If there are any bugs or suggestions for improvement, please drop a comment below to let me know it.


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tag steem-dev ;)


👍 ... thanks, done 😊

Good job Mister @dehenne :D

But if I use this plugin, then I will spam the whole steemit platform with my smileys, hehe... that's why I hesitate right now^^


thanks for the compliments. 😊

I think this is okay. More happiness can not hurt 😀

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😉😉😉😉 thanks for sharing,

😍 it works! :))) thank you!