Steemit Basics For Newbies - Get Paid To Post - Daily Hustle #194 (Passive Income Show video excerpt)

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Steemit is an amazing new social media / forum platform that pays you to post.

In this video, (excerpted from the Passive Income Show) Phil Ebiner asks me how Steemit works and I share some of the basics of Steemit.

Watch today's video here:

The course mentioned in this video (that helped me understand Steemit) is here:

Steemit can be a little confusing at first, so I highly recommend this simple course that helped me understand it much better.

(Sorry for the poor video quality on my end. My wife's online backup was running and I didn't know it!)

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Great video. I agree, it's important to post quality content here and not some crappy 20-40 posts a day expecting to get rich from that.

Dave, thanks so much for posting your videos about Steemit on Youtube. Gave me the push to sign up and I thank you for it. Just recorded my first vlog about my journey into world of understanding how this all works!

Just bought that Udemy course and going to check it out.

Thanks for making a difference!

Jay - The Steem Report

Excellent post @daveespino! I will be making my first Steemit post today, this is just what I needed! Thanks :)