I would like to introduce my good friend, who I introduced to Steemit [Please do not upvote this post]

in steemit •  2 years ago

I just want to introduce my really good friend @andraslife, I just convinced her to join #steemit, because it has always been her dream to be a travel writer, and I believe this platform is her answer!

Please take a moment to check out her first post and show your support for her dreams to come true with #steemit.

She has an intense interest in travel, modelling, and photography (on both sides of the camera!), and she will be blogging all about her hobbies in the near future. :D

p.s Please do not upvote this post, and upvote her first post on steemit instead, she is completely new to #steemit, blockchain, crypto, and I want to show her just how powerful this platform can be :)

Kind regards,

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Hey! Get some sleep! :P


now she'll be sleepless like the rest of us! lol


pwahahaa. Tell me about it.

Make sure she meets @heidistravels. They could inspire each other. Also, she's been caught by the same whale that caught you (@smooth).


Awesome! Perhaps let @andraslife know in her post? Otherwise, I will definitely let her know ok! Thanks so much fo your support. Really appreciated. :)

p.s I just found out it is @heiditravels, not @heidistravels just fyi! :)

Thanks @littlescribe.