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I love the notifications on my phone and my iWatch!

If you use an andoid or iPhone you can install eSteem and take Steemit blockchain social media to a whole new level!!

Created by @good-karma


I have a windos amart phone and i cant use steemit app i want to bye a androir or ios but i dont have a job now...😟

Here is some Steem for you! +1 STEEM

Go to your Wallet and Power this up! It will help you earn more rewards.

Thanks for the gift.i love you work good job

official app or not ?

Created by @good-karma, unofficial but it doesn't hold your keys. It's a great app!!

thanks for the info, didn't know steemit has a native app for android and ios.

Its a really good one! Try it out. You'll get addicted to the notifications from this app!

will check it out, thanks!

I will tray this app.. Tnx