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Do you remember economics at school?, i sure do!, it was another one of those boaring lessons that i would flick rubber bands in!

But have you ever wondered why old people always say "youth is wasted on the young"?


In my opinion its all to do with the fact they never learned economics!
Economics is basicaly a history lesson, Its the history of money! and how it operates today, I mean, if going to shchool is all about being able to get a good job with a good income, why dont they just teach us how to operate the stock market while were there? We could all do with a 20m$ bonus every year, on top of our 2m£ earnings! well it turns out that they dont teach it for a reason! The main reason being that its a big club we aint in it!

Because most of us have chosen to turn a blind ear to big words, such as Arbitrage, forex and quantitative easing! Brutes have risen to power! but they lie! They do not for-fill their promise! Dictators free themselves, But they enslave the people!

So for as long as we remember there has been a select few behind guarded armoured doors laughing at our stupidity!

Bitcoin was born in 2008, as im sure you've all heard by now! but many have struggled to understand the significance! The reason these men through out the ages have caused havoc on our species is Money! and more importantly the fact that they control it!

No one owns Bitcoin, not even satoshi himself! He gave the world an alternative to the monopoly these mens families have held for decades! Bitcoin is not effected by economic warfare, sanctions or INFLATION!

Steemit is bitcoins little brother, it works on the same principles (Austrian economics) There are no sharks hear, only minnows dolphins and whales!

We have chosen our enslavement through laughter and ignorance! Now its time for us to take responsibility for our own lives and start making decisions to benefit our planet and our species!
Welcome to the social economy! if you are reading this you are a pioneer, since blockchain is forever your words will Eco through eternity!

Down with the old, In with the new, Social economy!

Many of you may think im mad? well you might be right!?

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Gábor Hényel

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Excellent post with good and creative artcle from my dear friend @daniel82

  1. Your commiunication and written skills are execellent....I think you are one of tallented people in this platform
  2. Nice and creative article...I think you have more creative and different ideas about our life and all things...
  3. I really like your all uptades in this platform...
  4. Thank you so much @daniel82 sharing your valuble knowledge and ideas with us..
    Happy steeming and keep it up post..

There is human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights, all kinds of rights they say. But nobody mentions social rights. It is about time people demand for social rights. Crypto might bring it to us. Nice post bro.


thank you destertree block chain will eventually take over the world so i think your right! :)

This is absolutely correct. I was graduated in 2010 at that year BTC price was at under $1. But I didn't know about that... And actually I feel shame about my degree, coz I got it for a job, if I knew about BTC at that day, today I will be the owner of a big company or I will just spend my days with a lots of traveling experiences as a billionaire.
As you said here, this education style need to be change, and I was failed the ECON subject :D Coz I hate it... but now I like it, because of that practical sessions with forex, stock and crypto also :D
We all won't be doctors or engineers or etc. Education should help us to survive and think innovative. In my country, there are no innovation, students are trapped with lots of subjects and most of them will not support to make an extra $$$ for their lives in future.
Really great article and facts you are talking about. But governments won't listen, they need some one to govern, until we live like this, they can govern us. Coz we are just stupids... we are willing to be an employee, and that's it!

Thanks for your great viewpoint of real situation! Appreciate your effort as well. (By the way my country is Sri Lanka, politics made this beautiful country worst)



politics always ruins country's in the end! we should ban politics and run governance on the block chain
https://bitnation.co/ :)

Love this! Well written keyboard warrior!


Haha, keyboard warrior sounds cool! thanks dayleeo :)

nice post


thank you suborna :)

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Hi Daniel, interesting post and thank you. I've been thinking about these things for a while as well and wondering how we could extend the wealth generating, or rather the wealth recording and validating of the blockchain to social action. I agree with you - I could have done with a better understanding of some of these things when I was at school: my pension pot would look a lot healthier! But I'm just wondering how we would apply this to a community as a whole and how we would ensure a good quality of life for everyone - whether they are old (or young) or sick or don't know how to use the Internet. And also how we might pay for public or community services which are of benefit to all of us - I was thinking of roads and public transport systems, but there's also health, education, housing, art ... I'd love to hear people's ideas.


There are already people working to solve these problems using block chain https://bitnation.co/ :)


Ooh, thank you 😊

Creative writing @daniel82.. well explained about Social Economy...!!
Upvoted and resteemed.. 👍👍👌


thank you djmalith :)

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I wish everyone had a math teacher like I had in 7th grade. He created a little town in his classroom every year for a semester and everyone had jobs to do. And one of the lessons we were taught was stocks, I was assigned to be the stock broker and though everything was "Mock" I did really well. So I apply those skills to my life now and am still doing fairly well. And you are right too many things we should learn about in school we don't learn.


your old teacher sounds really cool we could do with more of him! :)

Great post with good and really article. from mr. @daniel82
Resteemed your post to make more customers.


Thank you goldcoin :)

That reminded of my old Lectures again ahaha :(


haha yes many people dont like the economics word :)

This post should reach more peope. Resteemed


thank you petko and good to meet you :)

Good post. thanks for sharing


thanks mountrock :)

Great post! Upvoted and following.


thank you kp138 and good to meet you :)