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RE: No more Bid-Bots for me, I’m Reputation (55), Target Achieved!

in #steemit2 years ago

I had no idea that using bidbots could affect your chances to get upvoted by Curie. I might have to stop my usage of them too.

I've really gone back and forth on the issue a lot in the past, ultimately deciding to use them with small amounts of SBD.

I'm going to get my thoughts together and also write a post about my personal stance. You've really got me thinking here.


I had my suspicions about the @curie thing for a while. What they stand for and what Bid-Bots do are in conflict so it does stand to reason. Look forward to reading your stance.

The absolute best post I've seen about this whole issue is this one. Definitely take 15 minutes to watch the video =)