STEEMIT ALTERNATIVES are Coming !!! STEEMIT COMMUNITY needs STRONGER BOND within !!!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Published: 2017-07-06 15:45
NOT ALWAYS, But Most of the TIME, BIGGER is BETTER !!! So, Here I am Going to talk about the STEEMIT Alternatives and their Futures in the Days to Come. If you Don't Like STEEMIT then You may Be Getting Some More Alternatives. If you Like STEEMIT then Its TIME to be more DEDICATED with IT !!!
Synereo is Another Decentralized Content Sharing Platform Being Tested to Bring in Full Phase. On 30th June This year Their Beta Version is Released based on the First Come First GET Subscription Basis. Where You will get activation link when your tun comes in Queue. So, First Alternative is Around the Corner. Till Now, We cannot say How It looks like or What Extra Flavour it will Bring along with the full release.
Decent is another Rival of STEEMIT along with the Synereo Platform. This is also intended to be used as Content Sharing and Rewarding Platform. But it has got some more time left to be in the Market. They are also planning to Bring Breakthrough in the Crypto Currency industry in the field of Content Sharing. So, Let's See What the Game gonna be or Who will Change the Game.
So, Once Again I would Like to Say, Being the FIRST Crypto Currency of the KIND (Content Sharing) SteemIT Needs More Attention then the Up Coming Alternatives. Because, It has already passed many phases which the new comers are yet to face...
Good Luck TO ALL !!!

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Great post @cworldv99, am subscribed to their email newsletter which they promised to keep me updated about their progress. And also i think synereo (AMP the coin backing the platform) is undervalued right now with $30,888,789 market cap and priced at $0.37 per AMP sitting at number 80 @ coinmarketcap.
The price will definetly pump if the platform is launched, i think i should buy some AMP now

Yes, YOU are RIGHT !!! It can be AWAKING CALL to me as well !!!

Am buying Asap, thanks for the information

Nice post... @cworldv99 thank you sharing your knowledge with us...great...

Well it has enough attention. Steem is already a winner in its own category.

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Actually sent this one down for a cure. Love Steemit, don't get me wrong, but I also love gold lol and if I can have 'mines' in other places, then know that story.

Didn't know alternatives exist. It makes sense I guess. Let's see what they are all about.

Great article! I am new, but I will start showing this community to more of my friends! Thanks!

As of this moment as I post this comment, (9/2/17) this is the monthly traffic per site:

  • - 16,000,000 hits/month
  • Decent - 208,400 hits/month
  • Synereo - 65,200 hits/month

These are rough averages, but close enough.

It's clear to see steemit is definitely in the lead from a traffic standpoint which is good for all of us involved.

On the flip side, there could be an argument made that a little competition will help bring some visibility faster to platforms like steemit to the general public.

I guess then at that point it will come down to usability and differentiating key points from platform to platform.