Buy a vpn with SBD and get 40% off on all vpn packages.

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Currently there is no payment processor that works with whmcs so its manual transactions.
Pricing can be found on the post at the bottom of the post.

Currently how this is going to work you send the sbd :

Then in the memo put the package you want from our site:

1month, 3month ,6month, 12month

Also in the memo please put your username

Memo Format:

1month username: Username

You can contact us on our website about the payment:

After funds have been received:

After the funds have been sent you will be sent a code for 100% that you can redeem on the site.
You must you put in the memo to redeem you code from us, failure to do so will result in payment being sent back to users account. Each code will be one of a kind and only have a one time use.

You can find more details on the services we offer here:

Redeeming your code:

click your package you paid for

Then put in in your code:

After that it pretty straight forward

We were going to make it 50% off but with using blocktrades and the conversion rates were basically breaking about even on these services. But @blocktrades is normally good to us so hopefully we don't run into any issues and we can provide you with the service you want as fast as possible.


Genius use of this platform, for targeted clientele. Good luck, I'd deeply consider buying if I didn't already have a yearly sub with 2 VPNs.

Well thank you very much

I would love to direct you to join our #beyondbitcoin hangouts to talk about this sometime!

Oh we will check it out in a bit.

Interesting. I'll be in the market for a new vpn soon. My subscription with Private Internet Access is ending and I'm not planning to renew with them since they announced that they have no intention of circumventing geo-locked content now that Netflix is cracking down on VPN users.

Yeah I'm not sure why they care how netflix feels or any other service unless they are teaming up with these providers. If you provided everyone with unique ips it wouldn't be an issue and they wouldn't keep seeing their ips being banned and constantly having to replace them.

Small update @klye posted that will be added sbd and steem to there system so that's a plus. And we will likely be added to our site once it has been set up.

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