Top 3 Most Fun Steemit Activities To Earn More STEEM!

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Top 3

Most Fun Ways To Earn Steem Using Steemit

1. Content Creation

2. Curation Seeking

3. DAPP Exploration

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Tips to Simplify Steemit -

Organize Your Favorites

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This is great! It's exactly what I'm looking for. I signed up for Steemit a year ago, but I've had trouble really getting into it because I kinda don't "get it" still.

I'm glad this helped you! I was, and still partly am actually, in the same boat!

Steemit is like a new job - you think you know what's going on then 3 years later you look back and see how much you really didn't know!

Helpful post for New bees

Thanks for sharing your Experience for earnings good Steem In Easiest way.

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Glad to hear you think it's helpful! I find the more I come to understand Steemit, though it is complex, I find it even more rewarding and an enjoyable experience.

My goal is to help these new bees so Steemit becomes a more enjoyable experience for them as well!

To be honest, my primary objective is to help drive the price and user activity in Steemit up for my own self gain - but, I'm honest about that!

Curation Seeking is not so easy to do...

haha no, it's not at all! But according to my own calculations. I might not be a bad option to put a Stream on :P

Your welcome and because I try to keep my videos under 10 min I can't explain in the detail sometimes required, I plan on posting a lot of videos about this very topic!

Item one is self explanatory. Items two and three are missing any detail or explanation.

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I've been posting a few videos that I go into more detail on those things. For the sake of time in my videos I try to keep them brief and unfortunately with Steem there is a lot to cover!

I hope you'll follow along. I'll make a video about my curation trailing strategy, ie. curation seeking. Or you can trail me on Steemvoter!

nice sharing. tq.

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Hi, I'm new and I do not know how to get the winnings here, when you get them, could you please tell me how?

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