Thanks so much for Your Generosity Steemit - From the little Fur babies in India!

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G'day Steemians,

As you all know I created a post (to see that post click here) almost a week ago, regarding an animal charity in India called the "Guardians of the Voiceless". They are very active on Facebook and have an immense set of passionate followers from all over the world. These people donate small amounts of money through Paypal, for the operations of this charity in India which involves saving injured dogs and other animals on the streets of Punjab, a state in North India.

Facebook Link:

The main aim of that post was to raise funds for them so that I can get them to open up an account on Steemit. That post received tremendous response from the very generous Steemit community, in other terms from you all. The post raised almost $92 USD. And I received a personal contribution of almost 14 SBD from a very generous human being @benjojo. Please accept my sincere thanks for your generosity @benjojo. The little fur babies in India sends their love as well.

Even though the post was upvoted by a lot of you guys, but I'd like to mention a few people without whom that payout wouldn't have been this big. So my sincere thanks to @ausbitbank, @officialfuzzy, @fuzzyvest, @canadian-coconut, @kurtbeil, @dumar022, @bitshares101, @snooway & @krystle. Please accept the love coming your way from the little fur babies. They highly appreciate this gesture of yours.

So I sent $150 AUD yesterday to their Paypal account after converting the USD that I received here. So the collection was:

$92 USD(from the post) + $14 USD(from @benjojo) + $7 USD(from myself personally), to make it an even $150 AUD.

The above screenshot is for the USD conversion to AUD.

I spoke with one of the Founders of the charity yesterday on Facebook, her name is LuzMa and she is based in the US. She opened the charity along with her 2 Indian friends who were living in US and that's how they met. LuzMa also visits India once every year and helps with the nurture and care of the street dogs. You can see her work on their Facebook page. Here is the Screen shot of the talk:

Please excuse me for the blocking my full name as nobody knows me with that and it's just for official purposes. Everybody just calls me San.

And here's the screenshot of her confirmation that they've received the money that I sent:

As you can see from the screenshots, she's going to look into opening up an account on Steemit. So Hopefully, we'll be able to help them out when they start using this awesome platform.

Thanks so much again for your Generous support for this noble cause.

Steem On!

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Couldn't bear to read it just gave. Great work in promoting them.


Thanks so much @nannyjoan.