Yes, these things do happen. We have to be so careful when sending a transfer not to click that small green link that populates the whole amount.

Btw, why are you advertising for Jerry as witness? I'm just a curious person that needs to learn a lot. And I thought he is popular enough from his own.

I am recommending Jerry as a witness because he is giving back to the community more than others. It is important that he becomes a top 20 witness so he can have a say in Steem's evolution and give back even more. You can read the article I linked that explained why I vote for him.

I have to admit Jerry is probably the best (let's say top10) to vote on for witness.

Personally I still hope Steemit will have a long term future. But the way some things are right now, I doubt it will exist in a few years.

One of the things I don't like Is the paid upvote bots. And Jerry is quite a fan of those.
Also I wonder if you can easily interact with him? Or that you need to pay for that somehow? For example buy a subscription at his website.

I don't see a reason why Steemit won't be there in a few years because there are so many transactions daily and so many apps created. Upvote bots are necessary for us little fish because we do not have the money to buy enough SP to upvote ourselves or exchange votes with other whales. I think that without using them for more exposure on my posts, I would certainly have given up producing these tutorials here.
Jerry can't keep up with all the comments he gets daily. You can interact with him in his free Discord channel and now he is doing a Question/Answer Live stream on DLive every Wednesday.

There are really many reasons why Steemit is not always working properly. Which in the end causes that no one will invest in the crypto currency. And I would say that could be the point where it will become useless.
On the other hand it could continue for years. But then there is always a chance there will be a better competitor in the market. Let's hope that will be the real Steemit version instead of this beta.

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