Best of Steemit Really Late Monday: It's Not You, It's Me.

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Every day, I bring you eight posts you should think hard about upvoting and supporting. These are quality posts, well written and good examples of the best the community has to offer. Please consider checking them out, and if you agree, love them up.

Strong lineup today. Know how I know? I spent less than an hour, and filled all eight posts without having to do much at all. There are some great posts up today. One of the thickest, best days I can remember.

And one more plea: we need good witnesses to keep the Steemit blockchain safe. I have several that I can recommend, but my favorite of the day is @anarcho-andrei. Please take a moment and vote for him for witness, won’t you? If what I do here is ever valuable to you, this is what I ask in return. You’ll have to scroll to the bottom and write him in. It’s worth it. Do it, please, as a favor to me.

Today's Best

Writing (Fiction): The Creative Writing Challenge, Task 2: Incunabulum by @flemingfarm. Good entry in one of Steemit’s most unusual challenge series. Hat tip to @steemfluencer for the innovative set of writing challenges. I just hope I can keep up.

Writing (Nonfiction): 10 Most Dangerous Women In The World by @peterehab. Terrific post on a fascinating subject. I write fiction, and one of my favorite protagonists is a serial killer. I thought I was imaginative in my construction of her hits, but these blow me away!

Writing (Craft): It Was Carnal, The Creation Of Words On Paper by @wipgirl. Welcome to the ranks of the craft-writers a new voice. I hope to see @wipgirl over on the Discord Channel very soon. This is a solid post, with good advice for all of us.

Steemit community: Steem Addict: How The Blockchain Swallowed Me Whole by @michael14876. Man, is this story ever familiar. I’m supposed to be working right now, but instead, I’m doing Best of Steemit. We’re moving into addiction territory here, no doubt. Great post.

Introduceyourself: Self-Introduction--Hi From Indonesia by @sugi. Join me in welcoming one of the newest Steemians, and her soon-to-be-born child!

My Feed: How Long Since A Witness’s Last Post, Vote, And How Many Votes Do They Have by @aggroed. One of the best of the biggest Steemians, @aggroed keeps us informed about the witnesses. Please consider a vote for him, and for @anarcho-andrei, whom I mentioned above. There are more, and your vote counts. Please use it wisely.

Photography: Golden Sunsprite Pentaptych by @skypilot. I might as well just start calling this the Skypilot Photography Award. I think this is his third win in ten days. He deserves every one of them.

Special Prize: Follow 4 Follow Desperation: Steal These Steemit Post Titles i Dare You by @ stellabelle. Posted here without comment. Read it.

As always, suggestions for posts to honor are gratefully accepted.

Rules of the Best Of:

I don't like grammar and spelling errors. I make them, but I hate them. Unless the post is supremely brilliant, even a couple of these--especially in the title--will mean it doesn't make this list. NOTE: if you're writing in your second language, significant slack will be given here. When I write in my second language, I'm lucky if I can be understood at all.

Minnows--I am a minnow, and I'm all in on support for the newbies. Doesn't mean I won't curate a whale post, but it's unlikely. If your rating is over 70, you don't need my help (for whatever it's worth).

I don't do porn, however artful.

Original content only.

I take requests. Gratefully. But not for your own work. Push someone else into the spotlight.

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This is so cool! Thanks for including me on the list today.

You wrote something good. You deserved it.

Interesting!!! I had already read and upvote some of your recommended posts!! We have similar taste! ;)

I'm happy to hear that! Thanks for stopping by.

Here I am voting for @anarcho-andrei as a witness. Hope it's in the right place. I upvoted one of his posts yesterday by coincidence.
Thank you for the rest of your article.

Thank you, @deemarshall. Much appreciated.

@cristof, I'm glad you liked my post enough for me to make the list! Thanks, and have a great day!