From BTC technical analysis, it does not look much bearish right now. Let's hope we are right and crypto won't fall so heavily in the near future. :)

Is it good to hold SBD token or good to change to steem i need your advice

That is a hard question. It depends if you believe more in a STEEM price correction or not. For now percentual changes in STEEM will be approximately equal to percentual changes of SBD. If STEEM exceeds minimal IMP soon, it is better to go for STEEM. If it does not, it is better to stay in SBD, as burning and conversions will favor this token.

If the STEEM price stops at the minimal IMP, then it does not matter if you are in STEEM or SBD.

Ok thanks for your kinda advice and suggsstion

From what I have found out from smooth, I would rather stay in SBD. If the STEEM ecosystem does not collapse entirely, it should recover in some time.

Ok, i will hold SBD token in my wallet then. Thanks very much for your response have been having a dilema on what next to do about the SBD ,but your response give me joy that sbd still have value despite the fact the printing out of sbd from post payout is kinda of low to steem token reward.Lest i forget i don't know if you a have heard of you can check it out

Copy & Pasted STEEM. There are actually a lot of these and I would not trust any of them. :/

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