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RE: Want to be Successful on Steemit? Be a Farmer, not a Hunter

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YES! Your comment actually means a lot to me. I always do a written synopsis because I work on the assumption that there are plenty of people who would prefer not to watch a video. Your the first person to really confirm that for me though - so thank you!


I rarely watch videos either. If someone can't take a minute to tell me what is in the video first there is zero chance I'll give them the time of day. With a quick overview I can at least decide if it's worth my time...most of the time it isn't. Sorry but nobody talking is interesting enough to keep my attention for 5-15 minutes. I can read everything they want to convey in way less time and never have to deal with the showmanship that so many vloggers get into. Want info, not entertainment.

BTW, great post! Couldn't agree more on the analogy used.

Thanks for your input @thedarkhorse! That is super helpful. Even though I am personally someone who does like to watch videos - I couldn’t agree more about them needing some kind of overview. Like you said... how are you supposed to know if you even want to watch it??

I figure we are all busy, and we don’t all have time to stop and watch a video... so giving people the opportunity to skim the main points from the vlog won’t hurt.

Thanks again for your two cents! It really is helpful for me.

Videos are great if there is a purpose. So is there something that can't easily be shared in text or something that just is easier to comprehend if you see it. So a video on a cooking technique or a video about a resort are ones I'm likely to watch vs one that is just info that could have been written and the video serves no purpose in enhancing my experience.

Hope that makes sense and only sharing as maybe it will spark an idea or two for you. If not worst case you spent 20 seconds reading my thoughts.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment. Always like to see that out of posters. Engagement with your audience is always a smart thing.

You are welcome! I almost never watch a video, they take too much bandwidth/data and the noise is rude when there are other people in the room. :) Glad I could confirm your suspicions!