10 SBD Winner Announced + Steemit Q & A

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Hi Friends!

I am so excited to announce the winner of my latest giveaway! Anyone who has participated in one of my giveaway's in the past, knows that I always try to do something that is community building in nature.

For this giveaway, I just asked people to leave a comment asking me something Steemit related. I recently conducted a survey to see what types of content people were most connecting with - and "content about Steemit... how to succeed etc." was the top! I wanted to get a little more clarity on what exactly people wanted to know.

I thought I would just answer everyone's questions in my response video... but WOW there were over 100 people who responded with questions! I started answering some of them, but there was just no way to get through them all! I'm still trying to decide if I want to do a multi-part video series to respond to them all, or mabye just choose certain themes and make full posts about them.

Either way - you can look forward to some fun content coming your way soon. All of which was sparked from the contest post! If you want to read through some of those questions - you can find the original contest post HERE.

HUGE Thank you to Everyone Who Participated!

I am just so excited by all of the questions you guys had and I can't wait to get around to answering all of them! I started at the top of the post and made it through the questions from the following people:

@mazzle, @melissakellie, @goldmatters, @journeyoflife, @tegoshei and @fow.

I know that might not seem like very many questions - but it still took 15 minutes if you can believe it!

Shout-Out for the Best Questions!

Even though I havn't gotten through all of the questions yet - I wanted to give a special shout-out to everyone who submitted a really stellar question. You guys are awesome and I look forward to answering them soon!

@mazzle, @melissakellie, @goldmatters, @journeyoflife, @tegoshei, @cryptokind, @fow, @kenmelendez, @apple96, @zainenn, @superdavey, @tiplas, @kuinchi, @mainos12345, @rodneysreviews, @iffat, @badmusgreene, @onetwostudios, @resteem.bot, @orkin420, @saravanan58, @eduagf1, @thisiscourage, @dejwii, @kay1, @izaid, @ponydeath, @coolarth, @valiantegg, @sherylneil, @deathcloud, @latest-update, @giddyupngo, @lilcryptita, @sallybeth23, @apeximomen, @shaidon, @ralk98, @jayboi, @alimamasstory, @nigerian-yogagal, @jadams2k18, @omg-is-biology, @mmetal, @ciaolovers. @fitrianizar, @jolugo23, @rvag5, @veleje, @opeyemil, @bookoons, @newyorkfever, @blackempror, @aaliyahholt, @anyasiemmanuel, @sathyasankar, @gholsa, @crowbarmama, @pharouk, @experimentel, @muhammad007, @r-k-m, @lorey-bero, @vickytech, @paparodin, @oluwashinaayomi

And the Winner is...

I couldn't believe it...but I drew @mainos12345's name out of the hat!! He is seriously one of my favorite steemains lately! He does a lot of live streaming on @dlive and is just so helpful and easy to talk to. I'm so glad you won! I'll be sending you 10 SBD shortly!

Thanks again to everyone who participated. I had a lot of fun seeing all of your questions!

XO, Lea


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This will be super helpful! I learned a lot myself lol. It is interesting I never really thought about but I’m probably missing a whole sector by not doing video. Some people may not even read blogs. Smart of you to always include both !


Oooh I would love to see some video content from you!! It is beneficial on so many levels. I think people really feel like they can connect with you on a different level through video.

Oh my god! That’s crazy! Thank you so much. Honestly everything you do for this community just brings a smile to my face! A positive person all around. Congrats to you on all your success again!


aww thanks for the kind words my friend. I was so excited to pull your name out of the hat! I'm glad you won!

Congrats @mainos12345. I'll have to come check out some of your videos :)



Yeah!! His live streams are awesome. I just did my first stream and have mad respect for people who do it regularly. It’s a different world for sure. :)

Thanks for answering my question about how you found out about steemit :D It's such an awesome platform and i can't wait to watch it grow even more <3


Couldn’t agree more!! This is just the beginning! ♥️

Congratulations to the winner! Just saw your video and your answer to the question of overcoming writer's block was very insightful and helpful to me in my current state! I'm looking forward to you answering more of the questions. Thank you so much for your genuine honesty, really :)


Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply @iffat!! I’m really glad enjoyed hearing my responses to a few of these questions! I’m looking forward to answering more here soon. :)

Congrats to @mainos1234. He definitely deserves it. Well done @coruscate, proud of what you've been able to achieve. Keep it going!


Agreed! He is killing it on here and I'm glad that he won!

congrates to our winner ...keep it up

next giveway ....m waiting

Congrats to the winners :)

It's a positive person, wish you all success, we feel very nice, thank you my dear friend, your giveaway, @coruscate

Thank you for posting well, I read and liked your writing

I hope you like it. Thanks

@coruscate hi friends this giveaway for what and how can we participate in this