Weekly Steemit Top 50 POWER UP List: Nov 5th - Nov 11th 2016

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The top 50 users powering up for the week of Nov 5th - Nov 11th 2016

1. @abit1880000.0
2. @adm216800.0
3. @hendrikdegrote78876.236
4. @flyingmind75659.155
5. @glitterfart56798.009999999995
6. @spanishgirl342499.95
7. @blocktrades41924.522000000004
8. @ramta22006.327
9. @abdullar16257.332
10. @msbc150910276.2
11. @randolphrope9783.946
12. @willybobob9129.525
13. @james2128868.703
14. @joshbreslauer7815.505000000001
15. @steemit-life7797.82
16. @movievertigo6918.037
17. @steemship6698.977
18. @dimimp6600.304999999999
19. @twinner6174.019
20. @pkattera6062.8279999999995
21. @onceuponatime5425.825
22. @bookingteam.com5000.0
23. @diahla314999.99
24. @originate4941.157999999999
25. @coinfund4590.41
26. @thecyclist4403.088
27. @novina4179.575
28. @thecryptofiend4056.165
29. @furion3917.0340000000006
30. @good-karma3916.987
31. @cardiff3886.383
32. @oldtimer3879.7479999999996
33. @martin-wichmann3818.38
34. @rgeddes3688.897
35. @beemsterboer3562.0139999999997
36. @dollarvigilante3439.139
37. @tarekadam3335.8669999999997
38. @bobbylee3252.9700000000003
39. @everlove3246.0170000000003
40. @bleujay3191.7099999999996
41. @redpalestino3081.3039999999996
42. @kocowpo3008.4570000000003
43. @blackchen3000.0
44. @slider29902934.178
45. @mark-waser2909.1800000000003
46. @gargon2779.651
47. @otisbrown2715.705
48. @kevinwong2650.0080000000003
49. @curie2615.05
50. @cass2582.83

Congrats to everyone that made the list! Don't forget to follow this profile @contentjunkie to stay up to date on future lists.

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Good information. I followed you.

Good to know. Thanks for share. Cheers

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