Can someone tell me Where all the WHALES are Swimming??

in steemit •  6 months ago

This is a question we are all probably wondering– why is it so hard to get whale votes around here?

It seems no matter what we minnows do, it remains nearly impossible to gain the attention of a whale. A vote from a whale is so reassuring and reminds us of why we are here. A whale vote (or two, or three) rewards us for our hard work of adding value to the STEEM blockchain.

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This isn’t always the case, but more often than not, whale votes are few and far between. Once in a blue moon a whale vote will appear from the deep blue sea, but very infrequently is this the case. I have been very fortunate to receive some whale votes for my work and I owe a massive thank you to each of the following users for this:


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Thank you all very much for believing in my work and showing me the love that I believe I deserve, I greatly appreciate it.

So, what is it that we need to do in order to gain a whale’s attention?

I have tried reaching out, connecting, and networking, but have generally failed with this particular approach.

I have also tried upvoting, commenting, and adding value to their posts on steemit as well. This method hasn’t quite worked in my favor either.

I guess the only thing left to try is to help them with a particular project that they, or someone they know is currently working on. This seems like a very effective method, but requires you have a certain set of skills they may be searching for.

If you don’t possess the specific qualities necessary to get the job done, then you’d be better off looking elsewhere for support. In other words, better luck next time Jack.

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The whales just keep swimming in the deep ocean blue and still we have nothing to show for all that hard work. You’d think you are swimming in a completely different ocean than the fish that eat the exact same food as you (the reward pool).

It seems as though the whales swim together, while the dolphins and minnows continue to clean up the scraps that are left behind. Dolphins and minnows constitute the greatest population among steemit users, but are still left out to dry (for the most part).

Dolphins not as much, but minnows most certainly are (at least that's my feel for it). I don’t think it’s an intentional act among the whales or dolphins, either.

Steemit is fundamentally flawed, such that content and exposure/visibility of content is hidden beneath the surface. This is the real problem of steemit, and very well could be the downfall of such an amazing platform if not fixed in the near future.

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More people are leaving steemit every day, and not because the price of STEEM is in the dumps, but because their time and efforts is worth more than what they are being rewarded. It is really quite depressing, but sadly it’s true. And we all know it to be true, whether we want to believe it or not.

I’ve been putting out some of the best content I can possibly conjure up and still have spend my hard earned SBD to make my time and efforts worthwhile. If it wasn’t for steembottracker, I can honestly say I wouldn’t even be producing content because I'd be making mere pennies.

Many of us aren't here solely for the monetary reward, but that is one of the biggest reasons we are here. . . let's please be honest with ourselves.

Don't get me wrong, though, the relationships that I have made will last me a lifetime, and this I am forever grateful for. I have met some amazing people with unique interests that are very different from my own. I love to connect with them as much as I can in order to expand my viewpoints and horizons regarding certain aspects or components of life.

Steemit has allowed me to grow not only as a blogger and content creator, but also as a human being. I just wish us little guys could get the attention that we all deserve.

Minnows, it's time to UNITE!! Let's churn these waters and make ourselves known around here, what do you say??

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My proposal is to join a group with the same interests as you and have fun together and invest some cash in your steem account. Most content - good or bad - is dropping in the blockchain abyss anyway.


solid advice for sure. I will look into joining a group where I can share my ideas and passions for what I love. Thanks for dropping by @goldrooster