Steemit Website Down - 502 Bad Gateway this morning!

in steemit •  last year

Big trouble little steemit.
This morning I had trouble logging onto, luckily we are decentralized and and the esteem app work so I could still post this. Below is a screenshot of this mornings attempt to visit For the past few days I have also been having some small time issues manually voting. I just made a short video clip, check it out below!


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its a daily problem now



"502 Bad Gateway" system error message everyday came in my steem.
That`s huge problem @coininstant


I am not sure what their problem is, however I realy hope it gets fixed soon. Oh yeah everyone is promoting if steemitsite is slow to surf their on the blockchain. Take care!


As a temporary fix they should promote the alternatives in the NGINX error message, but the main thing is that we need steemit to be up!

502 is a most familiar number in STEEMIT platform now! So, when you get it, just leave STEEMIT for 1 hour! Probably it work then :D



You were right, it is working good again, thanks!

@coininstant - Sir, something happened with Steemit after a DDOS attack in last week....

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

if i see 502 again ;) @coininstant


As more the people are joining in Steemit ,i guess the trouble of traffic is creating this kinda problem .

yes it is become a frequent issue now a days. I hope it will be solved soon.

i face this problem too...

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This problem is happening from few days continuously. I am also facing this problem. Many time I leave to log onto due to this problem.