OMG, Where is STEEMLIVE already? - Steemit getting a little bit more ridiculous with every day?? ! Also our ads should be in the small boxes, not the big boxes!

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Everybody got live now, youtube has Coachella, maybe Steemit should have some kind of "STEEMLIVE" to keep us occupied too, even if it is just a livestream of the servers! lol

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 5.11.25 PM.png

I think steemit devs have everything backwards, why are the ads bigger than the posts that have been here the whole time? Where's our Live Box???????

LOL ???? Looks Alive got it all tho! I was just over there and now I know where the devs went!
Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 4.43.21 PM.png

Why don't the ads have ability to get upvotes? Even Facebook has upvotes on the ads! We can't even keep up with Facebook ads???

At least that would be a reason for add guys to come here over FB! LOL, voting is our best attribute and the steemit devs didn't figure out how to use it with the ad system??? No need to gripe about it anymore, looks like Dlive won the battle, this is why STEEM is down so much on CMC in general, just waiting for linos to pass up steem next on CMC! For real if this trend continues that is what I just thought. I decided to boycott Linos and Dlive personally because they used us! lol
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Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 4.44.26 PM.png
Lino Points ? Really one more coin to collect, nooooo! lol Wow Dlive is a lot better than I thought, no wonder steemit has big competition now!

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Don't worry bro, just after MIRA, it's SMT, then more DAPPS, that means STEEMLIVE or something like that will come and compete against that DLIVE! After all they (DLIVE) scammed us in a nice way, so personally I never forget what they did at that time!
STEEMIT might have more advertising methods, but it's better go live first and introduce such ads types!



I ain't worried one bit, steem should use that stream box thing that dlive has and have steemlive and we will be golden! I'm boycotting Live from now on, Dlive is ded to me, lol!

dlive took the advantage of steem blockchain collected funds and go went gone


Yeah I totally did not realize until I finally checked it out yesterday, that’s why I was so shocked! All this time I thought steem was going up cause DLive and stuff. Lol oops I was wrong, but you know after seeming dlive I decided the site is too cluttered, too gaudy, and most of all too much pewty for me so I am not using it!

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Excellent review @coininstant and you are right, there is a lot of advertising now and it is huge!

I love the idea of letting end users upvote the ads!!!


Of course, the ads should be run on an ad blockchain/network for sure! That is what google would do! Yeah it'd upvote the tent ad if it was full of greens!

As long as we don't let them win on walk over @coininstant, and personally I think that when SMTs come out Steem will crush it, but it needs to come soon.

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I hope so, thanks!

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