Lel... I laughed about the disneyland part xD

Most witnesses are crap, but some others are good... maybe people have to take a look at what witnesses they are voting for instead.

I’m new here (8 days or so) & don’t really get the idea of how these witnesses got into power. Did they just get a lot of steem power and were nominated on that basis. I do know they have a lot of power & I have been grateful when I do get an upvote from one. However, how many of these are running bots and multiple accounts and only focus on those? I’m sure there’s a significant amount. I have used bots to help me with those penny upvotes (I must admit). I only voted for some random witnesses because I was having problems with the bandwidth and I read somewhere that helps. For some reason, my bandwidth fluctuates frequently from like 20mb to down to 400kb. It’s been annoying. Anyhow, I found this posting after a smartass comment you posted on someone’s post. It was refreshing. Thanks.

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