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in steemit •  9 months ago

When I wake up and want to blog
I always ask myself
"What stories to tell them
Should I dust off the shelf?"

So I look at my past posts
At what I thought was great!
And what I have realized
Is I have yet to create!

No more blogging mediocre tales
No more minnows, it’s time to hunt whales!!!

So I head off to work
To let creativity perk.

All through the day
in my Uber-mobile
I’m talking and waiting
For my post to reveal
Now as my day ends
It sure was a bomb
For I have nothing to say

Nothing to post
Of course that can change
I can borrow a story
The words rearrange!

No that won’t do, I’m sure to get caught
By a content sniffing @cheetah bot
So what is my story! just stop and be calm
Oh what I can tell them on!!

Maybe I could tell…
Of my fare name of Tom?
He was a nice guy
But the post sure would bomb
So a little change, make it better to hear
no Tom but Alexa wearing just a brassiere!!!
Now THAT is a story to which upvotes would glom
when I tell it to the fellas on!

No. no, it is just not enough
I’ll just have to embellish a little more stuff
I’ll say Hoang was with her
Her friend from Vietnam
Now that should get attention

Now wait just a minute.
It needs something more.
I drive middle class wheels,
That no hot girl feels.
Another small change to lift up my voice
I will just say it was a Rolls-Royce!

Hmmm…. Hot girls and fancy cars

There’s a lot of posts that are the same
By a now since forgotten downvoted name
Even @wang would bring better game!

Don’t need to rush, but no time to be meek
Not Uber, we’re dating! That’s a hell of a tweak!

I’ll say we meet a week ago today
On a fabulous trip to Mandalay Bay!
This is the one! My story has spice
How they will wish they could upvote it twice!

This is coming together with amazing aplomb
I can’t wait to hit post on!

Is it enough? It still seems to need more
Or the dolphins of steemit could find it a bore
Break no glass ceilings and fall flat on the floor

So what is it I should do instead…
I’ll read through their posts and get in their head!

Total Anarchists! That’s me and my girl
The places we travel, oh what a whirl
Of course she’s a model, Hun, bat your eyelashes
Crypto? Of course! We gotz the mad hashes

I’m rereading this all and what have I done?
This level of fiction will find me undone!
A blogging assistant! I realize with a clap
(I can blame him for all the past crap)

Oh this will take off, I can’t possibly fail,
and really, it’s just a couple tweaks of my tale.

The platform will cheer
And throw me mad cash
All posting comments
I'll trend in a dash!

Anxious to post with sweat on my palm
Oh they will LOVE me on

The roar of the motor as we jumped from a plane,
Our honeymoon parachuting in the Ukraine.
I look at my post, hmmm is it done?
Add something more, well maybe just one

Swimming with sharks…
Restoring old parks…
Oh how this has been a lot of fun!
Just parked, I am almost done!

Throw open door and race to my Mac
Heartily patting myself on the back
“No time to stop” I yell at my mom
Cause I got what they need on

My screen flickers on and I prepare my tale
This story for sure is bait for a whale!
Try as I might, I just don’t have the skill
For fiction like this, needs a magical quill

Feeling a pain for which I wish was a balm
I put up my lame post on

Completely plagiarized myself. I posted this a couple years ago and rediscovered it when going through my blog history. Thought I would share again :)

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