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Hello Steemit, I am very excited to be added to the steemit Wiki after only a few days of posting on Steemit.

After discovering a new steemit markdown code I announced it as a post and @steemcenterwiki commented on my post.

steemcenter wiki.png

Steemit.center wiki

Steem.center was built by @someguy123. It was a wiki made to be "center of all things steem."

You can sign up here to add pages to the Wiki or edit other people's pages.

Thank you @someguy123 for taking the time to make a Steemit dedicated wiki!

  • Here is @someguy123's first post about Steemit.center

  • Here's a link to the Wiki.

  • Here is a link to my original post.

  • To create your own slider add four [spaces] before the text.

This is an example of the slider working:

The code is used to make long text into a slider that condenses as much information as you want into one line.



you did well - i will follow you now

Thank you, glad you enjoyed :)

nice tip, didnt know about that. let's try:

test slider for a very, very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong sentence

it works! thanks!) I only had to put <br /> after it because otherwise there were no space below it and the next pargraph.

Glad you enjoy! Yes I noticed that as well, I used lines in my post but I may use that one when I don't want too much clutter on the page :)

great job...well done..up

Thank you, glad you like :)

You welcome...friend:)

oh , congrats, I didn't know this existed, i'll take a peek (-:

Thank you! happy you learnt something :)

This is great stuff... Now we have social media and Wiki on Steemit! :D

Yes, moving up in the world! :)

Thanks for sharing and good luck again!

No worries, I'm sure it's always good to give some positive feedback to Steemit! Thank you @steemcenterwiki

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