Steemit Dreamit is BACK! Some Tips for Steemit Success + Shoutout to Amazing Steemian(s)

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Some of you may be familiar with my Facebook group, Steemit Dreamit. I created it last summer not long after I joined Steemit. Last month, for primarily security reasons, I opted to archive the group.

Yes, facebook has a lot of issues but it's still a decent place to promote Steemit at this time - personal opinion!

I chose the name Steemit Dreamit because if you can dream it, you can steemit. Dreams are original so your postings on Steemit should be as well.

The group has always been important to me because it fostered a way of meeting Steemians who shared my values for this platform. It is very important to be genuine on here, especially since we gain financially here on Steemit. Begging for upvotes/resteems/follows is not genuine! I suppose to some extent that behavior may continue to happen. But, I won't support or condone it.

The reason it's important not to behave like that is because you want your following to be ORGANIC. You can think of an organic following as fans. They are your fans and are following out of genuine interest. Followers are therefore earned. If this sounds like the type of Steemit experience you'd like, then please come check out the group here:
Entrance questions must be answered in entirety

Since the group has been archived for about a month and I'm rather excited for us to be back, I wanted to do a little shoutout to two awesome steemians worth their salt:
@edouard - very engaging steemian - great writer (fiction & otherwise), artist, and fitness guru.
@stortebeker - long time friend here on steemit w/great insight into platform growth, A+ travel blogger

Remember not to forget your friends on Steemit or otherwise. The ones that were there for you at your lowest. The ones who've stuck around since you were the tinniest minnow of them all.

Gaining membership into Steemit Dreamit is a great way to increase views and drive traffic to your blog. Who knows? You might just end up with a few new organic followers.

Gaining membership does NOT mean you will receive upvotes from administration or anyone in the group.

Speaking of administration, that will be me @chelsea88 & moderator @edouard.

Thanks for visiting my blog & full steem ahead!
steemit dreamit banner courtesy of @ilovedietcoke

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Great news that Steemit Dreamit is back again! And thanks for the shoutout! Made me feel like what I just wrote to you on fb was exactly right!

So once again about the banner... how do I put it into my posts? Can you send me its html sniplet? Thanx.


Your welcome! I could or you could just DL the image i sent you =)
I'll get back to you in quick order on the other topics as well.


You can download it right from this post yes?

I am super excited to be a part of this project. I agree that Facebook is a great place to get a feed of posts from like minded people. Building a community here is paramount to everyone’s success so lets make sure to make the most out of Steemit Dreamit.

One thing which I find very successful is to accompany your post with a small caption just for the group.

The vast majority of Steemit Facebook groups are a real spam fest so I believe that the need for this is HUGE!

In due time we can build a place for us to thrive on Facebook where we can comment on the content and seek out wonderful collaborations. With quality people comes quality interactions.



I really like this graphic! And i knew you would Be a great person for this project. By small caption, that would be one of the banners right or, were you thinking something else?


Thank you, glad you like it!
Yeah, I’m thinking one of the banners or any other use we find for it.
I’m so happy to join you on this journey!

thanks @chelsea88

This is good news @chelsea88 , most steemit facebook groups had become a place of shameless upvote soliciting am glad this group is back online.