How Hard is it to Make Real Money on the Platform?

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One of my first ever posts nearly if not closely around 2 years ago, was entitled "The Executioner's Life." I wrote it about a documentary I saw. I wrote it before bed. When I woke up, I was astonished to see the post at $300!!

Then on December 2017 I was in an unemployment bout for most of the month. For those in the know, that month BTC had soared to over $19,000 & the SBD over $8. I made $3,000USD on Steemit that month and lived comfortably. I posted the sort of things I would normally post as well.

Point being you CAN make money here.

I was a little itty bitty tiny minnow at the time of the $300 post. It was really well written & highly interesting. My rep was somewhere in the 30's at the time.

At the time of this post SBD is at 92 cents, supposed to be pegged to the US dollar. No dice. STEEM is a pitiful low of 23 painful cents.

We are out of beta now. Is this how it's gonna keep being or our assets gonna climb again? My answer is YES they will towards the end of the year.

And a lot of coins besides Steem and SBD have fallen and people have lost faith in the first blockchain powered crypto social media platform.

So much so there were some regulars that I followed faithfully that haven't posted in months. I hope they're ok but it is probably just because Steemit had fallen and people and severely disheartened by the low payouts, corrupt & greedy whales not helping minnows, and those first starting having such low visibility on their posts.

There are probably many more factors I can't think of at the moment. Please be a part of the discussion.

  • Is the monetary system set up fairly here?
  • Is post visibility set up fairly here?
  • Is it hard for YOU to make good money on here?
  • Are you about to give up on the platform?
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I am struggling to make a single Steem on my posts now and most of the upvotes are powerless bots.

But I will keep going and doing what I need to. I am not leaving the platform for a long time to come yet.

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I would only leave if they ran a devi crew this joint. Lol

I think things will get better, regarding the visibility of posts, since the 4 tag limit is being abandoned (Actifit, SteemPeak and Busy now allow you to use 10 or more tags.)

Regarding the price, oh well, this is going from bad to worse... and the whales are the ones to blame, since they keep dumping their coins at these prices, thus lowering the price everyday. When the people with the most skin in the game are the ones destroying their own investment, the rest of us can't do much to fight that trend.

Giving up? No! I don't mind earning 10€ per week. It's better than nothing.

I don't plan to abandon ship either but can't help but be a bit pissed most posts make next to nothing

Thanks to that, most of the sh!tposters are gone with the wind. So, not everything is bad. Ahahahah! 😂

It could be worse, you could have bought some other useless token instead.

That's true & fair point

I dio believe Steem is going to rise again like a phoenix out of the ashes

Thanks for being an Active member of SteemUSA !tip

Thank you and that's an astute way to look at it 😎

We can but hope

Yep a little faith goes a long way

Ohh yes for sure

Yes, there is money to be made, I know from my own experience as well. When I started actively writing, the Curie vote was super high, and so were a few other orca/whale votes, making it possible for me to earn more than my boyfriend earns working for a boss fulltime these months. We did a lot of things from the savings of these months, heck even half our furniture is paid from it (we moved into an almost empty apartment at the time) and we could go on 4 short holidays (2 abroad in 2018) all made possible by Steemit. I have faith it will all rise again, and I'm not going anywhere because of the low prices.. Too many cool people I engage with, and I will be here to see it happening when Steem rises again :)

That's awesome it's enabled you to travel! What do you mean by "actively writing the Curie"?

Lol, sorry for that, I forgot the , there :)

U mean just putting curie as one of your tags?

No, that when I started writing, at that time, the Curie vote was still worth a lot. I remember getting a vote of more than 100 dollars for one of my first posts. I didn't use the tag, because I had no idea what Curie was at the time. I meant it just as a comparison the value of their vote back then compared to now.

Yeah however the value of everyone's vote has went down.

tell me about it.. but that's no reason for me to leave.. have faith it will go up again..

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Hey, getting close to your second SteemVersary? Time to congratulate. :-)
I know, I remember those occasional $200+ posts, discovered and shared by Curie... Yeah, those were the days. Otherwise I'd make a few bucks off a post and that's it. But with a few dozen upvotes, what else could I expect? Today my upvotes are regularly in the hundreds, even without Curie, and if the prices were at the level they used to be at the end of 2017 I'd be thinking about quitting my job. (So it's probably not a bad thing after all...) My point is, fair or not, visible or not, things are the way they are, period. I'm not making any more money than before, but I'm building something here that I can be proud of. I'm not posting daily any more, but a couple of times a week for certain, and that's okay. So now all we need is a higher Steem price. And I suppose that's going to be happening, now that the blockchain is not only used for blogging any more, but for gaming, marketing, trading, even porn has entered the scene. And though it may seem like things are not going anywhere at the moment, I'm not ready to give up on the platform, in the same way as I'm not going to give up on cryptos, just because of a year+ bear market. Once prices start rising, it's us regular users who will be propelled up high.

Yeah that's how I see it too. I get lots of votes usually so I'm building something and when the Phoenix rises.....

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