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Please remember, your author does not wear a tin foil hat nor toss chicken bones. Financial Astrology is the third block of Financial Analysis (Technical, Fundamental, and Financial Astrology). Financial Astrology is mathematical psychology based on the science of astronomy. We are looking for the natural conditions and sentiment that has been identified at certain longitudinal coordinates of planets. For example, we know that every major economic calamity has been during a Saturn-Uranus cycle. So it makes sense to look for those – just like we know that every major economic calamity is preceded by an extreme and important market high.

Something has not happened since 1935: Uranus enters Taurus. Whenever Uranus changes signs, violent market reactions happen. Whenever Uranus enters Taurus, violent events appear and big changes happen.

Let’s get some things clear here: Financial Astrology is not about how to make that girl the Libra you love to fall for you, a Cancer. No. That’s not what this is.

Behavior of Uranus

In Financial Astrology, Uranus is the signal of change. It is the signal of technology and innovation. More than anything else, Uranus is a harbinger of a change in the status quo.

Behavior of Taurus

This guy is the money sign. Taurus is a bull. Taurus is heavily associated with the markets, commodities (especially agriculture). Taurus represents consistency, stability, and security.

Putting it all together: Uranus in Taurus, 2018-2026

Uranus is the harbinger of change – good and bad. And when it crosses into another sign, it changes things. Violently – good and bad. Things to be aware of and keep track of:

Changes in current work environments - End of traditional stability in working environments, less centralized office space, more freelancing, more entrepreneurship, end of unions and large standard organizations – old power dies (or is dying already). Automation - pretty much Skynet.

Weather – changes from normal/warm conditions that favor growth to colder and reduced growing conditions. Areas of famine begin but also a rise in the technological abilities of food production and preservation.

Stock Market – its trend ends. The bull market capitulates. I’ve discussed this before regarding that Saturn-Uranus event that has been present in every major economic collapse and that happens again, 90 year later, in later 2020-2021.
But more than that, it’s not just the bull market that ends and changes, it’s the way the stock market is traded. Look for the old Wall Street style exchanges fall or change to the blockchain method of tokenization. The NASDAQ will more than likely lead the transition. The NYSE may just end up collapsing under its own weight and urging to maintain tradition.
The great sign here is that the oppressive and high walls of entry to the stock market will disappear. No longer will only mega funds and the super wealthy have access to the IPO’s. No longer will we have to maintain $25,000 minimum in an account to pay for the privilege to make more than 5-day trades a day at $9.99 per trade. The old infrastructure will change.

Resentful of prior generations - Taurus is indicative of security and stability, which was unheard of in the 1930’s until we had the creation of the Welfare State, Medicaid, etc. That kind of growth has continued the entire time Uranus has been in Aries. But Uranus changes things – expect the younger generations to get rid of these fallbacks for security. Younger generations will end up despising not only the costs of maintaining these programs, but they will have utter contempt for generational financial rape that ‘the greatest generation’ and the baby boomers have left their offspring with. A change from communal security and stability to one of personal, family and community only programs will come.

End of Money – Taurus is the money sign, it’s the whole shebang of market stuff. Uranus is the harbinger of change and technology. You don’t need a crystal ball to get what that means: the death of fiat.
Social Media ‘Bubble’ ends – Uranus was just in Aries – the rise of selfishness and obsession of self-glory. Uranus signals and end of this and a general avoidance of the public to participate in social media and/or heavy regulations/laws severely constrict future growth.

Technology – Expect continued revelations and inventions. Technology itself is an entity of change, so the behavior here is to actually see an increase in technological innovation. Also, Skynet

When does this transit thingy happen?

There are two primary forms of determining where a planet is: from Earth (geocentric) or from the Sun (heliocentric). Geocentric, we already started the entry and change process on May 15th. The heliocentric entry happens on Sept 4th, 2018.

What does this mean for cryptocurrencies?

Everything. Remember that Uranus is changing and Taurus is stability and security. Uranus signals a change to the old security and stability. The money you use? Going digital. The multi-step process to pay for a good or service? No more middlemen. 5-10 business day ACHs? Couple minutes at the longest. Commoditization of digital assets? Already happening. Barriers to IPOs and insanely stupid capital requirements? Bye-bye.

We are quite literally in the beginning stages of a multi-generational currency cycle. Currencies used to go from commodity-backed to fiat and then back to commodity-backed. Cryptocurrencies disrupt millennia of traditional money cycles.

And those who adopt early can protect themselves and their families from the change that is coming. And get stupidly wealthy in the process.

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